In need of a opinion

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In need of a opinion
Post # 1
I don't want to jump to a conclusion concerning this situation, but I would appreciate a second opinion on this situation.

I met a guy, who sparked no interest in me. Never was in a position to even talk to him. To me, he was just another person, not very noticeable. Sometime later (possibly a week or two) I got strong feelings towards him. This is unusual for me, as my personality and way of thinking tends to take a long time to develop some strong emotions towards another being and not merely after 3 times seeing someone and never talking to him. I feel very much drawn to him. I also seem to experience slight anxiety when I think about him. It was never present. Another thing, I noticed that these feelings developed when he was not around and simply hit me like a wave.

Does anyone have any possible idea concerning this. Don't get me wrong I've been interested in witchcraft for a long time and studied different branches and forms. I don't want to straight away assume that it has something to do with magic. However, from what I heard about his interest is that he is into occultism. There's a slight chance he is into it too. I got my ideas concerning this, but it is better when I hear other opinions. Unfortunately for me, I don't have friends who are into occultism, witchcraft or Wicca who could assist me with this discussion.
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Re: In need of a opinion
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: In need of a opinion
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
There are so many possibilities.

Firstly, consider the mundane. You may just find yourself attracted to him more quickly than you typically would be, for whatever reason. There may be some quality about him which draws you to him on a subconscious or irrational (not necessarily in a bad way, just in a way that you cannot necessarily find a logic to) manner, and you are trying to sort this out before accepting it. He may just have some quality or qualities which appeal to your less intellectual nature.

If this is magical in nature, he may not have necessarily done a working towards this end. There are those who believe in something like unintentional magic. The most common instance I see people making examples is for curses. That is, if someone is offended or angered, their intent or even initial spiteful reaction may be so focuses that it causes a ripple in the fabric of the preternatural universe to negatively affect the person who caused their ire. The same could possibly be true of your encounter with the guy in question. He might have been initially very attracted to you, and his first impression of being together might have been enough to send thoughts your way.

And, of course, if he is into the use of magic to affect his external world, there are two main options: He might have done a targeted working, such as a love spell with you in mind. But he may also have done some work towards drawing love to his life. If you happened to be open to the possibility -- in general -- of meeting someone, it may be enough for his draw from a possible working to affect you.

I think you're going in a good direction at the moment, and not just giving in to whim. You are examining your own emotions on the matter to make a decision.

If you choose to see if it is magically inspired rather than naturally (and they can be very difficult to distinguish, especially if it is a deeply subconscious draw to him!), you can try cleansing rituals, perhaps look into an uncrossing if that's your thing. There are a lot of folk magic workings, such as symbolic thread or ribbon cuttings which might sever a preternatural tie to another person. But the success would be based on your own beliefs and actions.
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Re: In need of a opinion
Post # 4
Thank you for a magnificent response. That gives me a slightly different view. I'll think and wait a bit before taking action. Just to see where it leads.
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