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Life not going as planned

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Life not going as planned

Life not going as planned
Post # 1
I started getting involved in witchcraft in my early 20s, then drifted away from it as I've gotten older. I've been feeling drawn back to it in the last 2 years or so.
Things never seem to go the way I want them to, and I'm wondering if it's because I haven't been using my power to change things or make them go the way I want. What do you think?
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Re: Life not going as planned
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Hey, so I am a tad bit confused because first, you start about when you first started to practice the craft than when you got back into than how things are not going as panned. But, I suggest meditatingfor me at-least it helps with my stress and anxiety when things get a little dreadful in our life we feel as if our life is not going as planned but with meditation, it can help you connect with your inner self and make all the stress go away, at-least when I meditate that's what it does. It's also good to try and contact your spirit guardians for advice that's something I would do. Hope everything is all right! :)


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Re: Life not going as planned
Post # 3
I completely relate to the pull towards magic.

Perhaps things don't seem to go your way because things don't seem to go your way? Now, of course I could be wrong, but I should ask, aren't there positive things going on in your life? These tiny things are often so overshadowed by the negatives that we forget that good things are still happening. These negative events can often sway our better judgment and leave us with the illusion that things are getting worse than they really are.

You probably still practice magic, just sub-consciously. Many people do, even those who never truly practiced. Magic is so full of desire and intent, that it doesn't surprise me when a completely normal, non-practicing person, who desires something so dearly, so deeply, can somehow hit his target.

I don't think things aren't going your way because you aren't making them go your way. Magic could help, but something as simple as a relaxing day for your self, a nap, or even just an extra-crisp glass of water could do wonders to your outlook :) no one needs to practice magic to make themselves happy.

I hope this helps!
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Re: Life not going as planned
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I find that pretty much everyone finds some way that life is not going the way they want it to. It is pretty normal as everybody has their own ups and downs. personally i think that this outlook of positive or negative, however, is merely a matter of opinion and perspective.

Heck, most people don't even really know what it is that they -do- want. And even if they got precisely what they were looking for, they would still not be content. This is because most often people are looking for some external thing that will 'make' them happy.

"If I had more money, I would be happy." - until desire expands and one finds more things to buy.

"If I just had a significant other, it would make me happy." - until one realizes that one's significant other isn't there solely to make you happy.

"If I just had more free time, I'd be more happy." - Until one realizes that boredom sets in quickly.

"if only I had a different job, I'd be happy." - until one realizes they still have to work there, too.

I consider happiness and contentment to be more of a personal choice, manifest from the current balance between what a person desires, and what they are able to achieve out of those desires. I saw it once put into a mathematical formula and found the representation to be simple and genius. (I'm gonna make a quick doodle of it and throw it into my images. it should be there soon if it isn't already. ^_^)

In the end, a person has two options. either improve their resources to try and meet the needs of obtaining their desires, or manage their desires to meet their available resources. It is up to the individual as to what route they choose.

Another thought is that in the moment, we as people really can't truly determine if any event that seems good or bad is -actually- good or bad in the long run. Losing your job could bean financial struggle... but it could also lead to finding a better one. Locking your keys in the car might mean you are frustrated or delayed on that road-trip you have been so excited about... but it could also mean you avoided being in the middle of a major accident or storm further down the road. We just don't know what will come of any event until that result comes. And even then that outcome could become different at each link of the chain of events that follows.

In the end, all we can do is ride the chaotic wave and consciously choose to do our best to turn what we encounter into a positive.

Like that equation, there is a Taoist story that I also really favour;

The story is used all over the place, and has a couple different versions, but they all have the same moral.
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Re: Life not going as planned
By: / Novice
Post # 5
i don't think your life isn't going as planned because of a magickal energy buildup, but perhaps it is due to not putting your energy in the right place. it happens, we get into a routine, find a comfort zone, and slow down on things like personal development, or we decide to grab take-out on the way home because work was crazy, or we choose the bus instead of walking, and then you wake up and realize you eat out 3 times a week, never exercise, and instead of meditating you scroll through facebook. it's breaking free of that and getting back to normal [or, changing your old ways to become who you want to be]

you might consider carrying a book around with you and write down what an average week looks like [example: awake at 7, scrolls on phone for 30 minutes, shower/getting ready 45 minutes, 5 minute drive, 8 hour work, 5 minute drive, 5 hours netflix, dinner, bed, phone 2 hours, asleep 12] from there you can try and trim down gradually and make changes [say eat breakfast instead of playing on your phone, walk to work on nice days, or take half an hour at night to meditate/read]

journalling can also help you find your path and stick with it [say you want to get healthy, there's apps to track your exercise and what you eat to see if you need more vegetables, or less sugar, or whatever] you might also consider a vision board, where you pin up photo's/phrases of things you wish to get out of life. hang it somewhere you'll see it every day, then take a few minutes to sit and visualize your desired life [be sure to also write down a plan to achieve it. yes, this can charge you with energy and help create opportunities to get to that point, but if you dream of being a doctor, but won't look into school, this exercise won't do much]
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Re: Life not going as planned
Post # 6
When I said things haven't been going my way, I was referring to career, specifically. I have been trying to get a career off the ground for over 10 years, and I can't get a job. I went to college, and looked for a job for 2 years, and couldn't get a job, so I went back to college. After I finished the second time, I looked for a job for 2 years, and couldn't find one. So I went back to college again (which is where I'm at currently). I still have a few classes to finish up, but I'm looking for a job so I can work while I finish up the few classes I have left.

I don't have money because I've never had a steady job, because when you've been looking for a job for as long as I have, that gap on your resume looks bad to employers and they don't want to hire you, which results in that gap getting bigger and bigger, which makes people really not want to hire you.
I have had a few jobs here and there for a couple of months at a time, but nothing long term, which also looks bad on your resume. It's not because I couldn't keep the job, it's because the work slowed down and they didn't need as many people. Or I was just hired for Christmas, or it was through a temp agency.
I feel like I've been cursed.
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Re: Life not going as planned
Post # 7
From what I understand about curses, it starts to work when you believe it does. I don't think that is the case for you. I know colleges have places for students to sign up for internships. That could be a place for you to look into. Remember positivity attracts positivity.

Most employers want to hear that you are a team player and are happy with your life. They want to hear you have goals that align with the job. You shouldn't say things like the job you're taking isn't what you want (unless you want to grow in the company. Even then that's a tricky conversation.) Making a good impression is also important. It may sound silly, but the couple of minutes they make you wait, they're accessing if you're a good fit. Looking up and smiling is a great way to show them your confidence. Inside an interview, where I am from you look directly in the employer's eyes briefly and nod. Do not look down or fumble with your fingers the entire time you are at the interview. Keep your arms open and do not cross your arms. Shut off your phone. Make sure you have at least two questions and brush up on the history of the company. They like to see that you have an interest in it. I wish you luck, so mote it be. Have a blessed day.
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Re: Life not going as planned
Post # 8
I don't even get called for interviews.
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Re: Life not going as planned
Post # 9
Annoyingly enough, you have to call them back. You ask for the manager on duty. Tell them you had an interview at (insert date) and was wondering if they have reviewed it. They may say they're still going through interviews and to call back(insert date). If they say that they're still inter It's I g give it a week and call back again or say theyre still reviewing, know you will have to be the one contacting them again. There are some places that will hire a couple hours after interviews and others a month later. It all depends on the openings they have for the job and if they remember you. Be impressionable. Call back. It shows you care about getting the job. Don't call back everyday, but don't wait on them.
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Re: Life not going as planned
Post # 10
Uh-oh. That may mean you're putting too little or too much on your resume. A resume should only be a page long. Put down jobs that are most relevant to what you're trying to pursue. If they ask about the gaps, say you were attending school at the time, but left the previous job on good times.
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