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Name: Vozel
Birthday: 2003
Location: library
Gender: Male
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Hello! Welcome to my profile in which you'll find tons of information about and somethings that I do (such as what I study, practice, etc...)

My current practices (and studies) include:

  1. Crystal Magick
  2. Stone Magick
  3. Protection Magick
  4. Herbal Magick
  5. Ayurveda
  6. Tibetan Singing Bowl
  7. Yoga

My current studies include:

  1. Dreams (decoding and connecting with spiritual beings through dreams)
  2. Aromatherapy (using essential oils to improve your overall being)
  3. Tibetan Singing Bowl (cleansing and sound therapy)
  4. Leechcraft (the art of healing)
  5. Old English ( lore, charms, gods, spells,literature, runes, culture, food, ...)
  6. Gods and Goddesses (researching and learning about them)
  7. Shamanism



A lot of people wonder how I am able to keep my studies and keep up my grades the secret is I don't take classes I can't handle I take normal classes with a few advanced classes.


I do believe that dance is a powerful practice in the craft. Different dance styles help you connect with different energies. I practice modern dance and incorporate gymnastics into it.

(my) Age:

So for those of you don't know I am 15. Please, do not allow my age stop you from wanting to have a conversation with me. I totally understand and respect those who do not wish to work with someone under the age of 18 but let's still talk and help each other grow.


I'm a busy boy! I have dance, school, and classes. (school is like high school, but classes are college classes that are a different time from school like high schoolends at 2:51 pm but I class at 3:30 pm, 6 pm so I'm pretty busy) and I also do yoga I try to practice yoga for 30 to an hour every day before bed. So I am sadly not as active as I would like, therefore, if you send me a mail I might not answer it so please don't think I don't like you it's just that I'm busy.