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Name: Vozel
Birthday: 2003
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Hi, I'm Vozel! But feel free to call me Voz, I'll save ya the .3 seconds in typing "el". ;)

- I'm nothing special, just your everyday high school, dancer, bookwork boy. I am currently not following a specific path, though I do enjoy studying all the different ones, so never be afraid of sending me a message suggesting a book or two about your path, since I do love reading.

Despite not having a specific path, I have followed certain ones, and have considered myself to be a certain type of Witch. Now n Days, I just enjoy reading and learning what the world has to offer especially during my free time. I am a very busy boy! 8 classes 6 days of the week, which means, I'm only really free on Sunday and even then I always find myself working on school-work. However, I do try and pop in on the site every other day or sometimes everyday for a short-amount of time. But sometimes I go inactive for awhile, so I am sorry if I don't respond to your message right away.


My studies involve:


Herbalism (specifically being Ayurveda)


Dreams Work (Lucid dreaming, astral projecting, nightmares, etc...)

Physic Gifts

Spiritual Creatures (fairies, dragons, and angels.)

Protection (different methods)

Galdr and Seidr


Ayurveda Information : https://www.spellsofmagic.com/read_post.html?post=925780