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Name: Vozel
Birthday: 2003
Location: library
Gender: Male
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Hi, I'm Vozel! But feel free to call me Voz, I'll save ya the .3 seconds in typing "el". ;)

- I'm nothing special, just your everyday high school, dancer, bookwork boy. I am currently not following a specific path, though I do enjoy studying all the different ones, so never be afraid of sending me a message suggesting a book or two about your path, since I do love reading.

Despite not having a specific path, I have followed certain ones, and have considered myself to be a certain type of Witch. Now n Days, I just enjoy reading and learning what the world has to offer especially during my free time.


My studies involve:


Herbalism (specifically being Ayurveda)


Dreams Work (Lucid dreaming, astral projecting, nightmares, etc...)

Psychic Gifts(different types, developing methods)

Spiritual Creatures (fairies, dragons, and angels.)

Protection (different methods)

Galdr and Seidr

Death (different cultural, religious, and personal beliefs on death).



Ayurveda Information : https://www.spellsofmagic.com/read_post.html?post=925780