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Hello, I'm Waneta! I have a long section (my experiences in magic in story format, so that it would not be boring at all) and a short section (basic over view about me) SHORT FIRST: I am 18 years old and native american. I have years experience with magic, and practically have been studying under the aid of my wonderful grandmother my entire life (expect for my extremely young years, the 2.5 ish years of my life where I did not practice at all, and the gradually-increasing 4.5 ish years as I eased into magic again). Now-a-days, I still practice and study with my grandmother and with the freedom of my own internet, I also study from information from sites like SoM. Less magical stuff about me: *I love reading. *I often can be found hiding away in a tree somewhere with a book (to almost everyone's annoyance XD) *I have always wanted a pet, but could never figure out what type to get. *I'm way too lighted-hearted and joking by nature, but I can become serious if I feel there is a reason to be. If you ever need to talk, about anything at all, you can message me. I'd be glad to talk to you to about any topic, even non magical ones :) *I'm incredibly oblivious to nearly everything. I'm not sure why. // WOAH!!! Hey Waneta? YOU'RE BIO IS SUPER LONG! Yeah, but it's not boring at all XD Ok. I'm going to start the LONG SECTION now: I've been practicing magic for practically my entire life. When I was very little, my grandmother began intensely teaching me which herbs cured what, which crystal charges best in moonlight over sunlight, what dreams meant, and what nightmares forewarned, all of which once were common knowledge to my tribe. Grounding, cleansing, calling the spirits for help, warding the bad spirits away, projecting, visualizing, meditating, but above all, she taught me intent and intuition. "Let go of rigidity and let the universe flow through you. You cannot force without becoming an obstacle; you will break if you cannot bend." And for the my first 9 years, my life was beautiful. I learned well and my grandma kept finding new things for me to study. We would start our lessons in the garden, playing with morning-dew drops and gathering herbs, and end in the garden, watching stars and divining from the feel of that night. I found my center in divination and energy work, but I found I enjoyed projecting and communication just as enjoyable (in all reality, helping others really is my area, nothing fuels me more and nothing else is my passion that feeling their pains and worries fade or drip away). Days and nights were truly beautiful. My parents, being conservative and hating the tribe, hated my practicing, but allowed me to do so in secret. But then, as always, a terrible knock hit our door. A stillness, a frigid stillness that still echos as shadows do in me today. (Now my story takes a bit of a turn. I would like to say now, that the topic I am about to mention is radical-Christianity. I am much more comfortable with Christians and Christianity now than I have been in a long time. It took me a while, and the freedom to explore the real world, to discover that Christianity DOES have a positive effect on people and changes lives. I apologize if I offend anyone in this next section. I tried to depict this part of my life as controlled by "the church" and not Christianity, because it is very clear they are very different morally and spiritually. I will not be upset if you skip this next section :) I completely understand!) My parents thought they were saved by "the church" but the church nearly killed me. Suppression and forced bible study resulted in my silent compliance and fear for years. I let "the church," a word that soon became a name more frightening than god, control my life. I was a silent, well behaved child who never objects to anything... And I am only 9. I never complained. I never questioned. No matter how badly "the church" hurt me, emotionally, mentally, and yes, physically. I knew would never be enough. My tinted skin called me out. My mind didn't match my sex. I was inferior. I was nothing. But I was curious. Oh so "rebelliously curious" but oh so afraid. Starting from when I was 11, I kept coming back to magic, tiptoeing softly at first, slowly regaining my trust in the universe as well as in myself. It took me till I was 16, still a well-behaved child who never wanted to do anything wrong, to realize... I wasn't doing anything wrong. This... This IS right, and more importantly... This is me. My "rebellious curiosity" was so much more than me wanting to experiment and offend my parents. It was me being me, doing what I enjoy, feeling right in my skin, expressing myself through my words and for crying out loud--- practicing my culture, the one I was proud of since the day I was born. Magic isn't in my blood, it IS my blood. And that is no sin.