Transgender and Magick

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Transgender and Magick
Post # 1

Hello everyone. More and more recently I have seen people asking if they can change their sex through magick. Since magick cannot change you physically, the immediate answer to this is no. However, since sex and gender are not the same, I do think magick can help with gender.

Now, I know at first it sounds crazy to some, but hear me out. Magick can help transgirls feel more in tune with their feminine side, and magick can help transboys get in tune with their masulinity . Imagine this. A transgirl is sitting in her room, and today her dysphoria is really getting to her. Instead of her feeling this way for days on end, she can instead do a ritual which helps her feel feminine. It can give transboys the courage to get testosterone supplements! Magick has so many opportunities to help transkids!

In order to help this though, I feel like we as a community, need to be more accepting. Instead of telling people, "No, you're being stupid for thinking you can change your gender using magick!" we tell them, "While directly changing your gender using magick can't be done, it can help."

I'm thinking we can use this thread to share tips, both magickal and mundane, to help transkids through their transitions.

For transgirls:

  • Apples have a trace of Estrogen in them, and they have feminine energies.
  • Blue candles can be used for feminine spells.
  • If you worship any goddesses ask them for help.
  • Master the art of the winged eyeliner and the mythical eyelash curler!
  • Use contouring to make your face more feminine
  • Swing your hips when you walk
  • Make talismans to bring feminine energy toward you!
  • Buy a bra and stuff it.

For trans boys:

  • Red candles are masculine
  • Do some bodybuilding!
  • Ask some gods for help!
  • Fire and Air are masculine elements.
  • Cut your hair.
  • Wear a binder (but if it's uncomfortable, don't wear it.)
  • Eat some garlic
  • Baggy clothing is your friend.

The most important of all these tips is to love and accept yourself. I know from personal experience that the world may seem like it's against you, but remember that someone will always love you no matter what. Know that you have my support!

Feel free to add tips below!

Love and Good Luck,


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Re: Transgender and Magick
By: / Novice
Post # 2
This is great, and I completely agree that magic can help with gender issues without making physical changes. A lot of new age stuff talks about feminity and masculinity, and while it might be a little overkill to assign a gender to every inanimate object, you can still use those associations to your advantage in your own magic, as well as to help keep yourself from falling into a dysphoric slump.
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Re: Transgender and Magick
Post # 3
Thank you for this !
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Re: Transgender and Magick
Post # 4
While I am not part of the transgender community, I would like to congratulate you for your kind act to the transgender community It's really loevely to see these random acts of kindness!
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