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Name: herricka
Birthday: Dec 2 1988
Location: Brooklyn ct
Gender: Male
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Name Albert I am currently studying energy manipulation and elemental magic I still have a lot of studying, I like to talk about a lot of thing so don't be scared... If one afraid to seek the light then forever reside in darkness With fire and ice at hand cast away doubt and move forward and destroy all obstacles and claim what you seek....always open to making friends kik: herricka A lonely girl sits outside in the rain. 2 other girls stand in the doorway of the school & taunt her. She watches them as they close the door & collapses on the ground crying. As she cries a figure aproaches her & offers a hand. When she looks up she sees a boy around her age. She takes his hand & he helps her up puling her into a hug. He lets her cry on his shoulder & when shes done he pulls away & wipes her tears. He smiles softly at her "youll never be alone"He says Broken and bruised in the darkness seeing the light fade in his eye tear rolling down his face he crawls along the ground with tear and blood behind him he noticed a shadow figure standing at a distance as he crawls closer to the figure and as he reach out to the figure girls voice replied in soft gentle voice "Let me bring the light back into your eyes " but I am broken he replied, she giggled and replied we are all broken you just need to find a reason to pick ur self up and move forward and fight and oh yea I been looking for you. why look for me he looked up at her with a confused look, cause my heart and ur are one in the same it resonates with the same light u are my half and I am ours and ill fight for you, if you do the same for me agreed, agreed he says in a calm voice and thank you for your kind words.. I am half of you and ill fight for you and I found my reason to stand again PUT THIS IN YOUR PROFILE AND SEE WHAT COLOR PEOPLE INBOX YOU... Blue=I want a second chance Yellow=you're cute Green=I want a kiss Purple=I will die for you Red=I want you to kiss me Pink=let's cuddle Orange=I owe you a kiss Black=I want a hug Rainbow=I want you in my bed White=I'm crushing on you Brown=I love you Blood red=come to the back room with me ;) Crimson=die Turquoise=I don't like you Aqua=I hate you Gold=let's be friend Silver=you're my enemy Periwinkle=(note: if you pick this color you pick what goes here) Grey=I think I'm falling in love Mystery=what I want is you