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Name: Sarenae
Location: The Marshes
Gender: Female
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Common sense, critical thinking, and a bit of creativity will get you where you need to go.
I'm a witch. Not a wiccan. Not a pagan.
Welcome to my little corner of the site. I'm Sarenae I am a 20 year old traditional witch from the Northern United States. I am also an art student, hermit, and amateur cat-whisperer. My preferred method of divination is playing cards. Although I am not particularly religious, I work with land wights, and occasionally work with patron and ancestral deities and spirits.
My practice focuses on the land itself and the forces that influence it. I do not worship big-busted ladies or muscle-headed lords, but the world around me. To me, the gods are not personified elements of the universe, but a part of the universe itself and the forces that drive the natural world.
Studies and Practices:
-Historical and Modern Traditional Witchcraft
-Magical and Medicinal Herbalism
-Wildcrafting and Herb Gardening
-Altered States
-Runes and Galdr
-Ancestor Veneration