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Name: GwendolenEta
Birthday: Jun 3 2003
Location: California
Gender: Female
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Personal Bio

Merry Meet, everyone! My name is Gwendolen, yes that is my real name. I'm 14, I have been studying since I was 11, I follow the middle path, and I would prefer the title of solitary eclectic witch. I do have another account on here called Mebsuta, but I felt like I should make another account for reasons, such as my name. I have a terrible addiction to Dr. Pepper, Gerard Way, and I love Hamilton: An American Musical and Moana.

My Element: Air

Favorite Crystal: Dendritic Agate

My Beliefs:

I don't know if you would call my beliefs complicated, I just believe in a lot of things. I don't exactly have a "strict religion," I just take everything I believe in, and mash it together. Though I am not a traditional Wiccan, I do honor their core beliefs, and I guess you could say I worship the Goddess and God. I believe in "The All", and that it flows through all of us. I also believe that we each have our own, individual realities/truths. I also believe that "Black Magick" is just magick to alter the world around us. I believe in the Astral Planes, and all of the other planes. I believe in Chakras, Astrology, and much more. If you want to hear more about what I believe in, you may mail me.

Things I am Practicing:

  • Tarot
  • Dream Recall

Things I am Studying

  • Astral Projection
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Energy Work
  • Kitchen Magick

If you have any information on the above please mail me!

Speaking of mail, there are a few rules I want to put down for mailing me.

  1. Put a subject when you mail me!!!
  2. Do not mail me asking to do spells. I'm not experienced in spell work, and I never said I was.
  3. Do not mail me asking to do Tarot Readings.
  4. Do not mail me trying to 'hypnotize' me.
  5. You may mail me if you have questions
  6. Please mail me if you have information on anything I'm studying!
  7. Mail me if you want an actual conversation about magick.
  8. Mail me if you want to know about my beliefs.


Root: Open

Sacral: Open

Navel: Open

Heart: Under-active

Throat: Open

Third Eye: Open

Crown: Open

"But does anyone notice? But does anyone care? And if I had the guts to put this to your head... But does anything matter if you're already dead? And should I be shocked now by the last thing you said? Before I pull this trigger, Your eyes vacant and stained... And in saying you loved me, Made things harder at best, And these words changing nothing As your body remains, And there's no room in this hell, There's no room in the next, But does anyone notice there's a corpse in this bed?"

- Early Sunsets Over Monroeville (My Chemical Romance)

I am going to list my favorite songs, for no other reason than to recommend them to you all!

Here Comes a Thought (Steven Universe)

Early Sunsets Over Monroeville (My Chemical Romance)

Emily (My Chemical Romance)

Famous Last Words (My Chemical Romance)

Say Goodbye (Green Day)

Outlaws (Green Day)

Troubled Times (Green Day)

Tonight, Tonight (Smashing Pumpkins)

Bullet With Butterfly Wings (Smashing Pumpkins)

Today (Smashing Pumpkins)

Various Kitchen Utensils (Skybox)

"Take a moment to think of just, flexibility, love, and trust."

Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again!