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Hello everyone! I am new to pagan beliefs/spells but not new to energy work. Long time yoga practitioner and meditator. I have casually read about these topics since my teens (nearly a decade ago..) but have made the leap to convert over. I was previously Christian and have no problems with the church, but many of their political beliefs and spiritual concepts didn't fit in with how I viewed the world. It didn't feel right having to make excuses for why I was supportive of LGBT, women's right to choose, etc even though some of those beliefs were directly contradicted by church doctrine. Additionally, I have always felt a connection with nature and the energy that flows thru the universe. I also had problems with some of the more "fantastical" spells, because I am a physician and very scientifically oriented. Once I began to see more and more people coming out of the woodwork explaining that those aren't traditionally part of pagan beliefs, I felt more comfortable. So that's my story so far. My specific interests include elemental magic, chakra work, and lunar magic. I've decided to take the traditional year and a day to evaluate if this is the right path for me. Interested in learning as much as I can and getting in better touch with my own energy and the universe