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Questions just for you!
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(To clarify ahead of time since I've received some misunderstandings from individuals, I am looking for your particular answers which can only be provided by you, not textbook or general answers, I am not asking for 2+2=4 but rather how you might answer and say it in your own words)

I'm not sure where on the website to best post this, and though I am not entirely new to any information regarding the Occult or Esoteric topics, I have just joined the website and would like answers to be as thorough as possible and covering advanced understandings and explanations in such a way that generally anyone could come to understand.

Ask on all major occult forums how they believe:

How Magic works and by what Powers, Systems, Cosmology, or Means it works
What entities are and how they exist,
How Prayer Works
What blocks or makes it not work
What the various ethnic variations of magic have in common
What the various ethnic variations in magic don't have in common
What system works the best and why
What can be cut out of the systems where it still works, what is essential and what is the core of it that if done away with disables the whole efficacy of the magic
Shapeshifting and how real it can get and how it works
Is magic surface illusion or real and transformative of matter

Hello, I just joined this website (and many others) in order to ask a few questions pertaining to magic and its efficacy and most importantly your particular views on the topic. Your reply can conclude with any book reccomendations, pdf links, links to websites or articles that you agree with or whatever else you feel may assist in answering my question, but what I am really interested in are your own beliefs, understandings, and any experiences or the experiences of those close to you regarding the questions.

What I'd like to know from you (and each individual who answers, I'd like a complete answer if possible from each and it is all greatly appreciated, even if others answer similarly, please don't mind, I really want each person to say what they believe or understand or know in their own words if possible) is how you believe or understand magic to work, by what power(s), system/science, cosmology, or means does it work? What are the various understandings you've heard of and what is your understanding or which do you think is most true or most accurate?

I'd also like to know about entities or "spirits", in particular the non-human but also those believed to be human, as well as "planes" of existence or "dimensions" and your beliefs on any such cosmology, what these beings and places are, how they operate, what they can and can not do, and how they live and what the "rules" or "system" might be regarding these things, if you believe in any. Any dangers and a discussion on "evil" or even "negativity" is welcomed here as well and what your beliefs may be on that as well, also on the idea of "karma" and "retribution" or "things coming back".

Going back to the topic of "magic" and "magical acts", what "blocks" or "makes such acts not work"?

What do the various ethnic variations of magic and magical systems have in common?

What do the various ethnic variations of magic and magical systems not have in common and where and how do they differ and why?

What system in your opinion is the most effective and why?

What is essential to magic and what can be cut out of any system in order to deduce or establish what is absolutely essential and what is not essential at all for a magical act to still function or work or achieve its intended ends? What is essential and what is the core of magic and what would disable the whole magical act if it were missing or make it not work at all?

I'd like you to also tell me about "shapeshifting" and how "real" or evidential it can get or be, and how it functions and by what means it functions?

Similarly, is magic surface illusion or is it transformative of matter in a scientifically verifiable way in your view?

What are all the various views of how magic works and what is your view and what do you disregard and why do you disregard those other views?

If you have historical knowledge as well, what were the views of those in the past, and why, and how might you differ or agree with those understandings? In the case of history, it would be wonderful if links or writing which verifies or confirms the views is provided as the source of the idea being presented.

Thank you very much for answering all these questions, I really appreciate it. I am trying to gather as much information on these matters from forums where people may be interested in talking about these things at length. I will be reading everything, and feel free to email me at if you do not wish to discuss these things on the forum or would like to contact me via email instead. Thank you again, and I look forward to reading your views on these matters!

Feel free to include in your answers or discussion anything about the following as well:

What is "good" or "the best" or should be sought and why?

What is "evil" or "the worst" or should be avoided and why?

What is "white magic" as compared to "black magic" and what are the consequences of either practice?

What is the "right hand path" as compared to the "left hand path"?

What is a God and what place does it have in magic?

What is the purpose of ritual as compared to "raw" magic and ow are both performed and in what way are they effective? By what means do they function and work?

What is a "Demon"?

In what way does an "entity" live, survive, empower itself, perpetuate, and die?

What is a Vampire?

What is a Werewolf?

What is Ahriman?

What role does Hermes play?

What is Odin?

What is Mercury (the God)?

What is "Astral Magic"?

What is the role of the "stars" and how were they used in magic and how can they be used in magic?

How does magical information reach and impact various objects and entities, what is its range and by what means does it travel or move if at all?

What role does "blood" play as well as "genetics"?

What role does "memory" play in magic?

What are the distinctions between "Soul" and "Spirit"?

What is a "soul" and its function?

What is "energy"?

What is "emotion" and its role in magic?

Is magic more effective consciously or subconsciously and how does it work?

Where do thoughts come from, and any additional information about the subconcious, especially related to magic and magical practice would be much appreciated.

What is a hypostasis?

What is "alchemy", its function, and how does it work?

What is "shamanism", its function, and how does it work?

What is the "self" and why is that considered the "self"?

What is "possession" and why is that considered "other"?

What are dreams and what role do they play in magic?

Where do dreams and thoughts exist and by what means can they be used to influence "reality" if any such distinction is made between dreams and realities?

Can you list all the things one can do or that you've heard of one doing or have done through magical means? What are all the powers and do they function by the same system or different systems? What are those systems and why do they work?

Please provide a clear picture of the magical world and the unseen through your understanding?

Finally, has anyone heard of or had any sorts of visions which they consider a time before their birth, where they have perceived themselves as some sort of amorphous blob with colored lights inside of themselves (multiple people have mentioned this to me), each of the lights representing a life and its quality and other blobs can meld together and mix their lights?

I understand this would be a long discussion, but I am hoping to gather lots of nice long answers and encourage some thorough discussion with as much detail as possible in order to get an idea of what the general concensus might be on these matters.

I am not looking for answers from textbooks or online dictionaries or websites. I have already studied everything that I'm asking about a great deal, exhausting a huge amount of texts for research and continue to do so, so I am particularly looking for individuals to think about these things and to see what they come up with for answers. I have asked similar questions on other sorts of websites, but since those websites were not specifically aimed at these sorts of topics, people did not have much to say on these matters.

Additional questions that I hope you can answer are from my notes on my phone and computer:

How do visual images work in magic?

What is the relevance or potency of blood, semen, orgasms, bodily fluids in magic and magical operations and philosophy?

How do magical trinkets, objects, talismans, charms, amulets, and other magical objects work?

What is qualifies something as a sigil and how do sigils work?

What is the caduceus and its relevance and use? What does it represent and how can it be made and used?

What is the relevance of the screscent moon, mon symbols, skull symbols, dark colors and black, horns, hornd hand symbols, goats, wings, crowns, hats, eyes, triangles, wands, rods, and any significant symbols which I have neglected to mention here (feel free to mention any important ones which come to mind and what they represent and their uses), and their magical uses and how they are put to use and by what means they work or are effective?

What is the importance of using genuine materials and ingredients in magical operations?Are they symbolic only or is there some importance to the actual materials, metals, woods, bones, furs, blood, or whatever else is used? How and why do they work?

What is the significance of blood, blood sacrifices, human sacrifices, sex, orgasm, inducing fear, anxiety, inducing trauma, torture, domination, soul eating, disease, storms, and their potency, importance, reality, and uses in magic? By what means do they work and how are they made ineffective or their efficacy null and void?

What are your views on fate and free will/free agency?
What are your views on being manipulated by thought forms, objects, spirits, or entities? Especially considering the nature of how thoughts seem to appear unconsciously, could it be that the magical object is manipulating, influencing, or controlling the so-called wielder, or a greater force manipulating multiple individuals and objects? If you believe this, can you explain how such things would be working and operating?

What made you believe in magic?

Thank you again for the effort you make in thoroughly answering these questions. Your replies are not only to me, but may remain on this website and help others who are curious about such things as well.

Many people on other websites tend to respond in very short terms, but I truly appreciate lengthy and thorough answers which hopefully cover in every detail all that I've asked as well as other things you may think I may be interested in learning or which may be important to study or understand (with specific attention given to what that importance may be as well).
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Re: Questions just for you!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
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This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from General Info.
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Re: Questions just for you!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
What is Odin?

Odin is not a what but a who. He is the All Father of the Aesir, the gods of the Norse.
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Re: Questions just for you!
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Next time you make a post that is designed to be this long, I recommend putting it into sections of separated posts.
This was a lot to read.
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Re: Questions just for you!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Most of the answers you seek are easily found in books.
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Re: Questions just for you!
By: / Novice
Post # 6

This is too much to answer all in one go. Maybe start discussions about a few of the topics you want answers to, and once you have gotten the answers you want, create another thread.

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