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Wicca - The Real or Fake
Post # 1
Hi, guys!

So you want to become a vampire..?

Not going to happen.

I know I am being harsh but there are serious topics we need to discuss with you Newbies.

Wicca is not something you mess with. There are consequences. A spell could backfire, or you could get caught doing a ritual and have your friends or parents think you're crazy.

Spells that "promise you'll turn into a vampire" are not real. Neither are spells that will turn you into a mermaid or a fairy or a werewolf. You are you. You can not change that.

Wicca isn't just about spells. When we say "magic" we mean energy, or telekinesis, or chakra. We don't mean cast a spell to have your crush kiss you.

Wicca is a religion, it doesn't mean you're a witch. You're not born one, you don't have a bloodline that contains witches. You may have a bloodline full of second sight but not magic. Wicca is a practice.

In order to use magic, learn how to. Learn what and what not to do. Learn about white and black magic and which one suits you best. Read about it.

The true meaning of Wicca is to connect with the inner you, find your zen place. Find a quiet place that means something to you, sit Indian-style on the ground and close your eyes, place your arms on your legs, relax, breathe deeply, then hum if you feel like it.

What Wicca means to me is figuring out who I am as a person, you find your zen, your spirit animal, your element. You can believe in any god you choose! Ranging from the Greek gods to the Egyptian!

And please, I get enough messages that go like this:

You: "Is there any spell that can take me back in time and undo something?"
Me: "Unfortunately, no."
You: "Can you do one for me?"
Me: "No, it's not possible I'm sorry."
You: "Do you know anyone who can?"
Me: "No. It will never be able to work."
You: "Please, I need your help!"
Me: "There are no spells that can do that! It's not possible!"
You: "Thank you for everything. I'm sorry I bothered you."
You: "Please help I'm begging you!"
Me: "No!!!!"

Please stop doing that.

Follow these rules and your on your path to Wicca. :)

Blessed be to all ~Dancing.Free

Re: Wicca - The Real or Fake
Post # 2
nice clarification

but theres a psychic vampire and everyone can be a psychic vampire

a psychic vampire absorbs the energy of the other person. just by getting your attention because whenever your attention goes there you are . well of course most of the time you will not be aware of it the common sign of this is change of mood well of course i dont dwell to much on this topic

i like how you get straigth to the point so that they can understand it.

what is the inner you? well for me its not just about your name your human nature its more than the soul its you in present momment not the identity you know but you your consciousness

well thats just my thought ^^

Re: Wicca - The Real or Fake
Post # 3
@zern I know. I've never met a psychic vampire, but on my thread I meant one who sucks blood, haha!

The inner me goes after what she wants and expresses herself. For so many years I've been worried to be the true me due to what others thought of me. I'm over that stage and I'm not afraid to show who I really am. I was afraid to be a Wicca but I still went through with it, because I truly wanted to inside. I was just afraid to because people surrounding me were Christian or Catholic.

Last year, in August, I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata. An auto-immune disease where you lose your hair. My self-esteem plummeted, causing me to become depressed or angry. I finally got over what people thought and shaved half of my head to flaunt my Alopecia. Who cares if I had some bald spots?! I was still the same me that I always was. So then when it started getting worse I started wearing wigs. And I still do! I'm not afraid to say it anymore. That's who I really am. :)

Re: Wicca - The Real or Fake
Post # 4
you know what? your inner you is what i am saying in my thread the higher and lower selves if your higher self and lower self become one thats the real you.

you know my sister had one too but it all gone . dont be afraid to express who you are . nothing in this world and even no one can define the real you its more than religion more than sickness more than the body acknowledge that your pefect inside regardless of what ever situation you have and you will see the beauty of life

Re: Wicca - The Real or Fake
By: / Novice
Post # 5

Zern, that still only applies if you believe that you are separate from this "higher self". Some people are less religious about it all and think that the physical self if the whole self. You are also continuously mentioning your own forum on those of others and something that is just not fair.

Re: Wicca - The Real or Fake
By: / Novice
Post # 6

I agree with most of this post and it is very well written, but there are some aspects that some people would very much disagree with.

Wicca does not contain magick at all, wicca is a religion separate from magick and the practice of witchcraft. Although you can be a witch and wiccan, they are separate practices.

Yes vampire spells are fake as are the rest of the fantasy spell section and some of other sections. But telekinesis is also very much fake, it is impossible to move things with your mind.

Magick does not have a colour, it is the intent of the user that alters what kind of magick you are practicing.

Also from what I know, Wiccans worship the triple goddess and horned god, it is more Pagans (the varying types of such), that worship other gods and goddesses.

Re: Wicca - The Real or Fake
Post # 7
no its not a religion belief well yeah your right but i mentioned it to her because she will understand what i am saying because of her experience.

we all have free will if you dont understand it or your against it its ok if you dont accept it as i just said some will understand it and some will not

you may have peace within you

Re: Wicca - The Real or Fake
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 8

While I appreciate what you are trying to say there are so many things about Wicca in this post that are simply not true at all.

As you say, Wicca isn't about spells. In fact most Wiccans I know seldom do spellwork unless it is absolutely necessary. But spellwork has nothing to do with Wicca itself. Spellwork is a craft that anyone, even those not Wiccans can do.

Wiccans may use energy in their rituals, but they do not do telekinesis. Telekinesis like all forms of kinesis does not exist. That is a product of fantasy novels and Hollywood films.

Working with chakras comes from Eastern religions, not from Wicca. Some, but not all Wiccans, believe in the concept of chakras and work with them. Others do not.

All Wiccans are Witches. It doesn't mean that witchcraft is in your bloodline, but it does mean that Wiccans are Witches. In fact when Gerald Gardner first wrote about Wicca he referred to it as "The Witch's Cult"

There is no such thing at "white" or "black" magic. Magic is simply energy just as electricity is energy. You don't speak about "black" or "white" elecricity do you. What makes a difference is the intent of the person using the energy, not the energy itself.

Not all Wiccans work with spirit animals. Many in fact find it a terribly New Age concept. Nor do you work with "your Element". You don't have an Element, that is a concept made popular by the movie "The Craft". You are all the Elements, not just one.

The "true meaning" of Wicca has nothing to do with finding your inner self; although you may discover it on your journey. The purpose of Wicca is to honor the Lord and Lady and the Ancestors in order to turn the Wheel of the Year and bring fertility to the Earth.

I suspect that you have been led astray by many of the poorly written books on Wicca that litter store shelves these days. If I might suggest some books that you might find useful in learning about what Wicca really is I would suggest the following:

"The Meaning of Witchcraft" by Gerald Gardner

"The Witch's Bible" by Janet and Stewart Farrar

"Wicca" by Thea Sabin

"The Elements of Ritual" by Deborah Lipp

"Fifty Years of Wicca" by Fred Lamond.

Re: Wicca - The Real or Fake
Post # 9
I understand what you mean, @Lark. I just meant what Wicca means to me. I do not know everything about Wicca, but it's helped me find myself. Thank you for your input. :)

Re: Wicca - The Real or Fake
Post # 10
are you pertaining to lark when you said i understand what you mean? sorry just confuse lol

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