How Can I Learn Chaos Mag

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How Can I Learn Chaos Mag
Post # 1
If anyone out there who will be kind to help.How can I learn Chaos Magik .
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Re: How Can I Learn Chaos Mag
Post # 2
Maybe this will help.

The mind is a powerful weapon. With the right resources, we are capable of "impossible" things. Learning to successfully get into Trance and Gnosis is an integral part of Chaos Magic. People will pay money to learn how to get into proper trance states. They will attend lengthy meditation seminars and travel to Arizona to escape the submersion of our psyches in Western consumerist culture. Thing is, while it's not easy for everyone, there is no reason to spend hundreds of dollars to escape. One of the best ways to approach this new dynamic is to integrate ourselves.
Integration--when we learn to walk the balance between new and old ways of living and processing reality. It will become clear that while things are always changing, there are some elements that are shared between all realms. Keeping an open mind is essential to learning and processing different modes of thoughts. A special thing about magic is that you are the one giving it power. Not everyone prescribes to that mode of thought, for some pagans believe that the Gods/Goddesses are the ones we must petition for power. Chaos Magic is not a religion, so it does not assume we are supposed to worship invisible powers beyond our control. A person who wants to get away from worship of any kind, may find Chaos Magic a useful way to train your mind. Although there is no wrong or right to Chaos Magic, and worship may prove useful to you. Or at least, connecting to the natural spirits that you believe in.
>From 'The Relief of Randomity', _Chaos International_ #2, 1987; pp. 23-4.
You are the totality of what you do and can therefore change
yourself by doing otherwise. Magic is the art of deliberately
believing and pretending very hard and finding that it works.
Highly improbable things can be done by those who are prepared
to experiment with the belief that they are not quite so
improbable. The world is an illusion, it has played a confidence
trick on you if you let it define who you are. However, you are
able to play confidence tricks on the universe and force it to
accept your own definition of yourself(s). In fact, the universe,
being a humorous, obliging and magical structure, will invariably
collude in any such definitions you care to make, if you act
skillfully. We are all charlatans, especially those persons
pretending to be normal ordinary people....

Magic is not an elusive epiphenomena as parapsychology seems
determined to prove. This universe is an esstially magical

Steps in Chaos Magic Ritual Work:
First off, dedicate a SPACE in time for your ritual to take place. It should be very simple to start out. For this ritual, I am devoting an Astral Space that is of a deep blue color. This space occupies 7:00 PM of every day.

Second, state your purpose. My purpose is to get into a state of reality-manipulation and to have secrets unveiled to me. To have time melt into a bubble of sacred protection.
Third we need to establish a state of ritual trance or gnosis. This could be through exercise or excitation, or mantra work, meditation, relaxation etc. to acheive a "different" or altered state of reality and time.
Establish mental focus on the astral realm, see the color in one's mind eye.
Project thoughts onto this astral realm, slowly but surely you will get the results you are after. There are methods of ritual work as well.
The elements make good areas to focus power. AIR- light-headed, loose, floating, fleetly, white, bright, lucid. Water- liquid, fluid, molded to fit the surroundings, trickling, raindrops, filling, nourashing. FIRE- Willpower, passionate, force, powerful, unyeilding, destructive, EARTH- constructive, building, foundational, muddy, solid, gathering...
FIRE- destroying, cutting ties
AIR- Inspiring, Delivering Messages
WATER- Moving without damage, Emotions, Love
EARTH- creating, buildng, capturing, melding

Ex. Created Ritual Chant
Cutting Old Ties
I call on the powers of EARTH
Capture the essence of Mercurial Powers
I call on the essence of water
Bring me the moon dressed in April Showers

Then Capture this fire in a box on the hill
I call on FIRE to burn every pain that it will
I call on the powers of EARTH
Bring me into your foundational mirth
Blessed is the Sun, that burns away the tower
And the circle that spins round and round
Round and Round
Round and Round

Fire cuts the thread where I was bound
Now all that binds me is dead
Ash to ash to phoenix rising
Blue is the watery domain
That covers the world with joy
I am a daughter to the Universe
This is my present, this is my curse
Cover me in mud and stars
This is my Universe, the world

Broken are these chains that held me so
Now I run loosely like the air in my head
In my heart, now I run freely
Now I am a part of the four corners
Of the room where we see
Air, Fire, Earth, and Water
Of the room where we see
That I am once alone, again I am free
I am Mercury. Blessed BE.
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Re: How Can I Learn Chaos Mag
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

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