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Celibacy (Brahmacharya).

Forums ► Other Paths ► Celibacy (Brahmacharya).

Celibacy (Brahmacharya).
Post # 1
I just want to say those who wants to achieve higher goals in magic they should do celibacy. It is Brahmacharya in sanskrit languge. In this we use our sexual energy in our regular practice , it actualy increases our energy level. Trust me i am also doing celibacy and i start getting many results like everyday i feel more energetic , pure soul or mind , i can survive a whole day easily without taking any amount of food and water , celibacy increases focus , etc. * I know that celibacy is really hard to do but it has great importance in magic and spirtual field. I just felt to share this with all guys because lots of people are wasting their sexual energy by watching porn , masturburation ,etc. These are not natural things. It will make people weaker and weaker , weak mind ,body and health. And people can't get strong energy. So it's my duty to tell all my brothers and sisters if you want to succeed in magic then you should do celibacy. And if anyone want any help then just mail me. I can tell you some diet , asanas ,pranayma which will help in celibacy. ~Namaste~
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Re: Celibacy (Brahmacharya).
Post # 2
I hops this doesn't come off rude, but I honestly do not agree to anyone pushing their personal opinions onto others because they strongly feel it is right. It is great that you found a system that works for you but it does not mean it will work for others. Also, masturbation is natural for you are in a way connecting ith yourself on a sexual and maybe even a mental level when you are reaching and reach your ecstacy. There are people who do quite fine in magic and masturbate and even practice sex magic, also masturbation can be healthy for you(in my opinion based on stories I've read) to relieve stress and even negativity. So, just saying if you're going to state how commiting something that is natural is unnatural because you do not agree to it then just announce that you don't agree to it so beginners can at least not feel presurred by a preacher of celibacy; anniynce it as your opinion/belief. Again,hope I didn't come off rude I just felt like making some things a bit clear.
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Re: Celibacy (Brahmacharya).
Post # 3
*hope* lol and by the way, to be clear, what I said up above is my opinion on masturbation, but I have barely studied much in psychology so I can't say if it is completely natural lol. Just wanted to make that clear too.
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Re: Celibacy (Brahmacharya).
Post # 4
Friend you are kinda wrong Brahm means divine and charya means path so it is divine path... most of people get confused because they think that bramhacharya is celibacy but It is not it means you have to leave your wants an move with divine powers and yes celibacy is a one aspect of bramhacharya but is not a whole ... even you can be a bramhacharyi with getting married because it is necessary for our life cycle ....in bramhacharya we have to enjoy ourselves from internally and when we do that external pleasures are became meaning less... yea I believe and there is a scientific fact that when you watch porn our mind leaves some chemicals and when we do it again and again this became a problem and addiction too now all people think that bramhacharyi is a person who sacrifice all things and get into divine path but its not true because if you walk in bramhacharya then you gonna get internal enjoyment now if you lies your beliefs on other then its not gonna work even their life became a hell because for all people external enjoyment is all [ enjoyment means all sex , taste , clothing etc ] yea it is for me too... well we all cant become bramhacharyi beacuse it is not necessary even for ex we all eat apples but all of us don't plant apple trees
So I think we are clear now so even you can follow bramhacharya jeeven while getting married and you just have to avoid your wants and external enjoyment that walk into divine path thats all
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Re: Celibacy (Brahmacharya).
Post # 5
Thanks for sharing your insight februus, it is now better understood after reading your comment.
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Re: Celibacy (Brahmacharya).
Post # 6
@februus_pumma , I didn't get any english word which will match Brahmachariya so i wrote celibacy . LoL. Sorry for that. And i agree with your Brahmachariya meaning. But you are not following Brahmachariya thats why external enjoyment like sex , taste , clothing etc. is all for you. Remember external enjoyment is not permanent , it will lead to addiction only. And you can't be satisfied. Internal enjoyment is permanent. You are an Indian , so i hope you know about great Pitamah Bhishma , Buddha , Hanuman , etc. They all are Brahmacharis and they taught people about Brahmachrya. In Bhagawat Geeta , all Vedas , Brahmacharya has great importance. If you are not doing Brhmacharya then how could you know the power of a Brahmachari. You know what i mean... ~Namaste~
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Re: Celibacy (Brahmacharya).
Post # 7
@Nano.Zasha , you are not talking rude , you also have right to give your opinion . So you can give your opinion. LOL . First of all i am not forcing anyone , i said those who wants to succed in magic and spirtual field. Tell me the name of any Holy Book which state that Masturburation is Healthy or Masturburation is Natural ??? Well , Jesus , Buddha , Lord Shiva they were all celibates, they never taught humans about masturburation , they taught that sex is Natural and its purpose is only reproduction. My duty is to inform you about celibacy and Brahmachariya which i did , its up to you what you want to follow... ~Namaste~
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Re: Celibacy (Brahmacharya).
Post # 8
Friend again you are wrong
oky they all are bramhacharyi but there are 320 millions of dieties under huimduism but can you name any 5 who are bramhacharyi?
I am pursuing divine path under shri swami prahastanada one of a member of isha foundation I said that external pleasures mattera for me because I am not tatally deducted myself into bramhacharyi jeevan but I am still learning how to do it... and I don't think so that you study any vedas especially yajurveda because if you did study then you don't say this... I think you should study them first then share your knowledge then it will be great because India don't have much knowledgeable teachers of vedas second if you do study of yajur veda you will get clear about everything it has a brief description of bramhacharya jeevan according to that vvedait is necessary for a person have to live bramhacharyi life till 26th and for girls 27th then they can do marriage ... and it is written because that age is of learning.. on that person is making himself a perfect person so he can stand among others so if he or she don't follow bramhacharyi life then he get into evil things easily thats why friend
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Re: Celibacy (Brahmacharya).
Post # 9
Yeah can you tell me where it is written that masturbation is forbidden in vedas? It doesn't say anything about it... but kuran does according to kuran masturbation is haram and according to kamasutra [ 4th to 6th century AD] doesn't say masturbation is bad ... masturbation is natural even it gives a best procedure of masturbation... so please do not misinform others second Hinduism doesn't say anything about personal things like how to marry, whom to marry etc etc like western religions do and masturbation is already debated in India by Vatsayana, and he was the first to say OK to it.
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Re: Celibacy (Brahmacharya).
Post # 10
@februus_pumma , according to what you said Brahma means divine and charya means path , divine path then it means 320 millions all are Brahmacharis which is surely greater than 5. I have not said anything about marriage. I just said that in all vedas Brahmachaiya has importance and it really has. I am glad to know that you also do Brahmachariya but not totally. Means you are not perfect. * I wanted share little bit about Brahmachariya so i did that. But people are just trying hard to correct me. I know my english is weak but my meaning is pure. Meaning behind this thread is just Brahmachariya is good practice , it increases focus , energy , health ,etc. Nothing else. Sorry if i talk too much. ~Namaste~
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