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Recommend a spell.

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Recommend a spell.
Post # 1
Hello.. Thanks in advance for reading.

I'll cut to the chase.. I'm completely new to this but I have absolutely nowhere else to turn. Please read my story so you know what I need.. and help me decide on a spell and help out a newbie.

I'm literally begging here.. Well, here goes.

I just lost my fiancée, the love of my life, after seven years of being best friends and trying to make things work long-distance

She lives in Scotland.. Her name's Caroline. I live in America.. My name's Dallas.

I'm completely desperate. We managed a long distance relationship on and off for seven years.. And I brought her over to visit in July 2014, for the whole month. I proposed and she said yes.. However, she had to return home for a bit while I sorted out trying to find a better job that could provide for us and so on.

The plan was for her to go to university for a year (since she's able to keep her loan money if she passes without paying it back) and then get her over here on a fiancee visa and live happily ever after.. True loves.

However, after meeting me in person and then going home.. She couldn't take the distance and she couldn't be without me. She settled for the first guy to give her attention, and it quickly turned into physical attention that she longed for from me but couldn't get for a while, and she started sleeping with him.. She left me out of guilt, saying she's undeserving of any real life after what she's done. She ended up declaring herself single despite us never actually breaking up, and I've been fighting every day to get her back.. But texts and calls and letters and gift packages and flowers can only do so much when there's not a physical body there with them. It's an unfair situation where this guy has the edge and has been taking advantage of her distress the entire time..

And out of spending so much time with him and so many nights with him came infatuation that she even admitted is temporary, but now he's serious about her and she's starting to feel like she just has to settle for him because she thinks that's the closest to love she's going to get.

We talked it all out.. She admitted its the distance that's the issue, she admitted that she would chose me over this other guy, Craig, in a single heartbeat if it wasn't for the distance.. She admitted it to me, but is having an extremely hard time admitting it to herself, and to him, and acting on it.

I'm able to bring her over sooner. I got a better job than I ever expected.. I can bring her over literally at any time and we'd be well off. But it's too late.

I need help. I desperately need help.. She's too far in with Craig and she's been warped by him (even changing her speech patterns and the way she types to match his own). If this continues.. She might just get serious with him and settle for second best, and leave both of us with broken hearts for a long time, until she comes to her senses.

I need something strong.. Something to remind her what true love feels like, something to remind her how happy she was while she was her in person with me, something to remind her that she's loved so passionately that I'd do anything for her, something to help her see that Craig's affection ends at sex and her feelings are just an infatuation at a replacement for me..

Just something to kickstart her heart and make her remember how much she's loved me for the last seven years, so that I can tell her I'm ready for her whenever.. So that she follows through with our plans and her hesitation and confusion stops.

Can you help me? What do you recommend? What do I have to do?
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