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Lokeans and Loki

Forums ► Norse Paganism ► Lokeans and Loki

Lokeans and Loki
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 1

Some food for thought on a current trending issue in the Heathen community:

It's well known here within the community that whenever a pantheon-based movie comes about, and gets popular, a flood of newbies all decide to worship the deities featured in said movie. Ex: the Percy Jackson films lead to an increase in people claiming to work with the Greek pantheon. Now, several movies starring Loki have come about (the Thor films and the Avengers movie).

Since these movies have become popular, a large influx of loki-fangirls/boys has come about. Several of us have been able to spot those who are sincere about the practice, and those who just think of it as a novelty because they happened to have liked the movies.

Within the Lokeans community, there is a lot of groaning about this topic. Many of the older followers believe that the new spike in younger Lokeans is attributed to the increase in Norse paganism being featured in media portrayals and that the obsession with Loki comes from this generations desire to be involved with the more chaotic beings. However, another group of Lokeans argue that the spike in followers is simply his will: he desires to become more noticed now that he's being portrayed more mainstream. It often boils down to the question: Why worship Loki, the trickster?

I think Lokavinr summed it up well: "After Odin, Loki is the most prominent player in the myths. And even while Odin might get a bit more screen time, as it were, Lokis performance is certainly the most memorable. Cross dressing, horse birthing, hair stealing, competitive eating, assisted murder by shrubberyjust to name a few! I once saw someone pose the question, If Loki was cast out, why is everyone still talking about Him? The fact is, its impossible to discuss the lore and not talk about Him. Take Loki away and nearly every story in the Eddas would crumble. The Eddas are problematic as a definitive source, to say the least, but they still form the backbone of many Heathens conceptions of the Gods. When you have such a stand out figure as Loki, why is it surprising that so many people want to know more? oki as a God, a character, a mythological figure, an adaptation, and whatever else you may think of, has recently been given voice in this way. The comic Valhalla by Peter Madsen, the book Loki by Mike Vasich, and of course, everyones favorite (or least favorite!), Marvels Loki in the Thor film and the comics Journey into Mystery and Thor and Loki: Blood Brothers would be just a few examples of this. Outside of heathenry, people seem to be very interested in hearing Lokis perspective, exploring alternative narratives in the myths, and reconsidering the importance of chaos in a society now dominated by comfort. Why then is it so shocking to people when the same thing starts to happen in heathenism?"

While most of us are skeptical and frown upon the newer members who are only here because of their interest in Loki from the modern media, we should perhaps consider that modern media is not the only thing drawing an interest to Loki. We should perhaps consider that the fangirls/boys who check out the faith may end up actually investing in the Eddas, reading the myths, and getting to know Loki on an actual level- not a superficial one.

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Re: Lokeans and Loki
Post # 2
I'm not a heathen or even a Pagan, yet well before seeing the comic book/moive portrayal of Loki a long forgotten event placed Loki in my mind as a memorable Norse god. I prefer order over chaos and yet a trickster like Loki uses more brain than bron. All trickster entities are interesting to me ranging from Anansi to Loki as they outwit their more "ordered" counterparts and admittedly without chaos we would not comprehend the concept of order.
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Re: Lokeans and Loki
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I am not a Lokean, but I do have respect for him. When he wants to, he can be a force to be reckoned with. As regards trends, it happens with everything. I remember a time when LOTR was "uncool" to read, it meant one was a geek who probably also played D&D, collected comic books, and anything else that us "fringers" did. I got stuffed in lockers, tripped, and bullied because I loved those things, and still do. As to pantheons, perhaps these Gods are using the entertainment medium to find those who wish to find purpose, and serve them. It isn't such a bad thing. Posers never stick with it anyway.
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Re: Lokeans and Loki
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

I agree with your outlook on it.

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Re: Lokeans and Loki
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
I would not necessarily say that Loki would be the reason behind the rise of Norse Paganism in various media. But I would not disregard the possibility either. There may be some amount of Loki influence there. After all, it would not be unlike him to draw people to him by some rather curious measures. Who's to say that he wouldn't have some influence on media, who in turn have influence in sudden interest on people, all for the sake of it will draw people to him. Yes, it's largely a younger crowd of fanboy/girl, Loki obsessed (pre-) teens. However just because they are in a phase - so to speak - doesn't mean that they wouldn't grow out of it and take Loki and the culture, mythology, and belief/practices of the Norse seriously. Whether this is Loki's will may or may not be revealed. But the point is that the chance is there that some will grow out of the fandom obsession and get serious. There are ways to easily spot a fanboy/girl. The general consensus may be to ignore them, but with a bit of tolerance you may actually be able to help guide some properly away from the media warped perspective. As for why the crowd is so young, I think it has to do with how more young teens are getting rebellious and as such chaotic subjects attracts their attention.
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Re: Lokeans and Loki
By: / Novice
Post # 6
You pose a valid point, Vanity's Fire. Who is to say one way or the other? I myself was drawn to the arcane out of rebellion. It was taboo, and the more I researched it, the more drawn I was. I won't discount any theories as to the surging interest. If it simply is a phase, those who are not truly seekers shall move on to the next 15 seconds.
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Re: Lokeans and Loki
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

That's a good point, Vanity.

I think there's definitely been a shift towards more chaotic deities being worked with recently. Not just in our practice, but in many others. Curious stuff!

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Re: Lokeans and Loki
By: / Novice
Post # 8
I think the shift towards more chaotic and death-oriented entities is natural and to be expected in these days ov our age.
Most in the heathen community, and in other cultures as well to be sure, have not gone through their spiritual trials or rites ov passage.
These are very important, especially in the North Ways, since they are used to cast off youth and step into adulthood, where we prepare our minds and bodies for joining our ancestors.
So I just feel that is why so many feel drawn to Loki and His children, they embody many ov those aspects dealing with chaos and death which their minds and spirits need yet they do not understand. To them it may feel as suicidal thoughts or loneliness when it is in truth their subconscious trying to make them understand the need for change in thought and mannerism, to grow up.
And yet I love Loki for His traits, He is both a man grown and He is childish at heart as well but knows when to be mature(for the most part).

As for this "new" Loki movement that seems to be happening, I also find it natural. Most children want to rebel or appear "edgy", much like some claiming to worship Satan to appear hardcore, and what better way within the heathen community that to honor a God ov trickery and fire(that honestly too many in the accepted heathen community frown upon).
I am still not pleased with the way Marvel makes Him appear however, too sniveling and childish in mannerisms for my taste.
His Marvel counterpart has no real sense ov humor and love, which Loki has in great amounts. The Marvel version just appears too goth/emo and morbid for my liking.
But then again that is what media does, they change things to make more money off impressionable people.
It is better to explain and accept them once they understand the stories more than complain about disrespect because their knowledge came mainly from comic books.
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Re: Lokeans and Loki
By: / Novice
Post # 9
I agree, Nefemaryn. Loki is not by any means a sniveling Goth! As I stated earlier, he can be a force to be reckoned with when he is not fooling around. Granted, most of the lore portrays him as almost immature, but when he wants to, he can be dead serious and powerful. All myths and cultures seem to be distorted by Hollywood simply to sell tickets. Look at Jesus. Was he a pasty white guy? No, he was middle-eastern! Once people look beneath the surface of things, they are usually taken aback by how far off they have been portrayed, myself no exception. Fanboys and girls come and go, but seekers dig deeper and stick with it.
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Re: Lokeans and Loki
By: / Novice
Post # 10
And, there is something deliciously attractive about chaos... I personally find Serenity and order cannot exist without it. It has a certain appeal to those who are inclined to rebel and reject the "norm".
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