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Greetings! Some of you may know me via my other account, Gannon Rapta. While I shall keep the previous one, this account is in connection to the name that has been revealed to me as my magick one via my choice of Norse Paganism as a life path. This path has been slowly revealing itself to me via vision, and study. Brann Pil is Norwegian for "Fire Arrow", to me this is an honour. I am really into archery, which requires skill to send an arrow to it's target. Fire-tipped arrows were especially lethal. The bass in the photo is "Lilly", my other bass is "Raelene". I have been a bassist for almost 20 years, and compose music that can best be described as "ethereal", and my favourite genres are: Thrash, rock, and really anything that has guitar and bass that are skillfully played! My main areas of study are: Herbalism; shamanic practises/ animism; History/ folklore (ever-learning); Crystals/ runes (learning about runes); Basic witchcraft. Astrological signs: Aquarius/ Tiger; Planet: Saturn Birth Crystal: Amethyst Colour: Green Principal Deities: Odin,Freya and Thor Feel free to mail me, but be aware that I do not and will not respond to any queries that are nonsensical. I do not waste time with those who seek such things. I am here to learn and hopefully make friends with some of you. The best label I can attach to myself *sigh* would be "eclectic" Heathen, as I am devoted to Norse Heathenism, but practise Basic Witchcraft also. I am an ever-evolving being. Chakras (4/22): Root (under): 6% Sacral (over): 81% Navel (under): 6% Heart (open): 44% Throat (open): 50% Third Eye (over): 69% Crown (open):50% ( P.S: If you are a racist Heathen trying to reach out to me, you shall be blocked AND reported. I have ZERO tolerance for racists. Norse Heathenry is NOT an exclusive White boys/ girls club.