the philosopher's stone

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the philosopher's stone
Post # 1
After watching a documentary about alchemy and Nostradamous I began to wonder what this "philosopher's stone" that I'd heard so much about was. Is it real? What is it? Does it really turn lead into gold? Can it do anything else? Where did it come from? There is just so little information out there and much of it is confusing.

Re: the philosopher's stone
Post # 2
My advice is that its shape comes to mind as elemental understanding furthens. Those who would dwell on gold are cursed to never obtain it

Re: the philosopher's stone
Post # 3
So it really IS good for more than just turning lead into gold? I was just curious as to what it is and what it does.

Re: the philosopher's stone
Post # 4
I don't know actually, I don't think of it like that

Re: the philosopher's stone
Post # 5
well what i REALLY want to know is what exactly is it? is it a concept or a tangible tool?

Re: the philosopher's stone
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
In old times, especially the so-called Dark Ages. There were quite a few intelligent,learned men who were called, or called themselves, Alchemists. They experimented. With anything and everything. Different ores; gases, explosives, chemicals.
Just as the modern scientist will keep his research secret until he has made a new discovery, so the old Alchemists kept their secrets.
But neighbours, as neighbours will, were "nosey" as to what was going on. Why did these men have fiercely burning fires? What were these explosions we keep hearing?
"They were actually burning rocks! I caught them at it."
And what did these "experimenters" say in answer to these questions? "We are seeking the Philosophers stone; it turns base metal into gold."
"Oh,that sounds good!" said the peasants,"Carry on with the weird smells, and the noise."
One of the great Alchemists was Sir Isaac Newton. He did a lot more than discover Gravity! He was a very clever and intelligent man. He was not so stupid as to try to get Gold from Lead!
The "stone" is a story.A myth. A legend. It doesn't, and never did, exist.
If the Alchemists were searching for anything it was Knowledge. Enlightenment.
It was the curiosity of the Human spirit; "What would happen if I did this? Or did that?"
It still goes on today! But now it is called "Research". and the Alchemists are now "Scientists".
Does anybody these days really believe in the Philosopher's stone?
Only Harry Potter!

Re: the philosopher's stone
Post # 7
Its not real, some people balived that it whas real in the dark ages, but lets be honest you would need to get a particle accelerator in order to turn led in to gold, its something of a dark age conspiracy theory the sond of mind knows that the idea of it is completely wrong but the gullible would balive it... No offense

Re: the philosopher's stone
Post # 8
true there has never been said proof of the stone but people say the same about things people like me see and do i mean spirits,entities and magic people say there not real but to some it is so no one can say it is or is not it is up to the person to believe or not in the thing they most want or need in ones life and the stone is said to have magic properties not only lead to gold but ably to open gate ways were to no one knows

Re: the philosopher's sto
Post # 9
i think that the philosophers stone was a rare gem that they used in magick rituals. we sometimes use quartz while doing magic, it just wasn't a gem that people were familiar with back then.

Re: the philosopher's stone
By: / Novice
Post # 10
It has nothing to do with turning lead into gold, but rather a transformation of the soul. Finding the "Gold" within through the attainment of gnosis.

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