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Flowers of Flight

Forums ► Astral Projection ► Flowers of Flight
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Flowers of Flight
Post # 1
For the flying ointments, having reviewed what videos are available at YouTube, one may question the multiple concotion which includes aconitum in a topical. Aconitum, Queen Mother of Poisons, is in the Chinese pharmacopoeia, but the root is used pre-cooked: Buddhist monks may notice the stimulation of hair growth.

Indeed there are flowers of flight, and astral projection is the main experience. Arabic inna b'utha 'black nightshade, Solanum nigrum (elsewhere S. nigra)' stands out from the cacophony of the other ingredients proposed in these ointments, because of atropine and scopolamine, the latter being starter material for truth serum, the former being the antidote to sarin poisoning (Syria's president Assad is correct: sarin can be made in any home.)

Caution, not wisdom: to begin, one berry and one only,for a non-psychotic adult, ingested like a tablet. The timing of harvest of these berries is also important, as one website somewhere notices the birds waiting until the hawthorn berries (Crataegus) undergo cold weather. We would add first frost to this harvesting approach, because the plant has gotten the signal for dormancy, and its physiology for compound synthesis changes accordingly. Again, President Assad is correct: the stablizer for sarin can be manufactured from the Syrian Tasnsy-Leaved hawthorn, a mountain Crataegus species, akin to the Apache Haw of the American Southwest.

One notices a recipe on this board which includes for ointments, benzoin, which at first glance seems to be simply a preservative. Tricholoma mushroom fairy rings around a benzoin bush means that the benzyl moiety is doing something more than preservation in this fungus. The death-like feeling in astral projection, even without herbal assistance, should not cause undo concern: that is the ego dissipating away.
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Re: Flowers of Flight
Post # 2
intresting..because in the lore of my region witches are supposed to be able to fly not with a broom, but by anointing themselves with an oil at night time.
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Re: Flowers of Flight
Post # 3
Yai yah. Then to the witches of the Schwarzwaldens, a salute. If the antidote to sarin is atropine from Arabic inna b'utha 'black nightshade,' we add that the (un-named) inhabitants of Ghouta that sensed Saudi presence before the sarin attack could well be right. Language accent differences in that case would be like an Alabama boy attempting to smuggle a bazooka into New York City.

The trajectory is thus:

1) Wikipedia for: weissdorne, which links to

2) Wikipedia for: strigae, which links to

3) Wikipedia for: Alba Longa.

It is in these Alban Hills that we compare the sarin rocket's witchy flight into Ghouta: supposedly the rockets were fired from the hills above Damascus. There too grows the stabilizer for sarin, the Syrian Tansy-Leaved Hawthorn. The sarin stabilizer compound is tributylamine, butylamine being a major constituent of Crataegus species.

Since the strigae link to Lilith, we point to James Holmes's chart at Neptune's Cafe and Black Moon Lilith: the Aurora shooting occurred when the moon phase was at 1% visibility. This is almost exactly opposite to magnetic resonance imaging in medicine, whereby the hydrogen atoms line up for inspection. A full moon has somewhat the same effect, though much weaker. Thus we would question James Holmes's meds, because Prozac fed to flat-head minnows can turn them into killers, even without lunar rhythms.
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