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A concept of time

Forums ► Misc Topics ► A concept of time

A concept of time
Post # 1
One gets to a stage where you realise that in knowing so much, you know so little and a lot of what you knew has slipped into some corner in your mind that is labelled forgotten.

One such is that after all these years I still have no idea if there is a creator. I argue why should there be and yet when I look around, there has to be. Where then is this entity?

I have to accept that time exists; have to live through it. It's not on my side. Like the fine sand in an hour glass it will one day release its final grain. It is not a friend.

So where does this entity 'live' within the confines of time?

I put forward the idea that it resides in a perpetual state of now, where everything that has ever happened is still happening.

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Re: A concept of time
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I cannot say where as in an exact location this creator is other than all around, and has been for billions of years. It seems like you are very scientific. I enjoy scientific discussions as i am into science myself. I believe that there a many other universes where the "what would happen if i made this choice rather than this one" no one really "fully" understands time, but what really is time but a man made name for the passing of man made "time figures" ex: second, minute, etc.
I enjoyed reading your post. If you ever wanna talk science, or need help message me.
Good post by the way.
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Re: A concept of time
Post # 3
Thanks very much for your kind post.

I didn't want to overburden the original post with too much, so here's the 2nd part.

It is said you can't change the past and I've heard a quote that 'not even god can change the past'. I disagree.

I believe there are gaps in a lot of things that happen and become past events. When we send out to make something happen (a spell, a prayer) if it suits, these gaps can be filled, because of the existence of 'now'. Thus it is not changing the past, rather it is changing the present as it was and still is.

In my whole life, I believe I have witnessed this on only 3 occasions; there may have been more that I didn't notice. And that is the point. Folk don't notice which is why, on first impressions, this sounds so absurd.

I named this the greylight. On each occasion there were no adverse effects and in fact everyone involved seemed to benefit in some way, but without realising the gaps in the 'past' had changed.

Very difficult to give examples, but I'll try.

Someone I knew quite well had contemplated asking for a transfer and talked himself out of it. I didn't want to see him go. A week later and his requested transfer had come through. In front of me was the returned and accepted application which I know he hadn't completed, together with my signature of authorisation, which I knew I hadn't signed.

One could argue this was an aberration on my part. Maybe, in which case I shouldn't have been doing that job. That's what I had to put it down to, particularly as he was adamant he had filled in the form.

But then I noticed another couple of events, completely unrelated where the same sort of innoccuous thing seems to have taken place. Both times I just knew something earlier had to be done to make them happen, which hadn't taken place and yet there was the end result.

It was as though somebody had filled in the gaps in the past, and nobody but me had noticed.

Because I genuinely believe this (either that or I'm totally mad), I would be interested to hear from anyone else who may have experienced this pehenomenon.
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Re: A concept of time
Post # 4
For me time does not exist. It is a delusion only meant to keep track of where we have been and where we are going. And if you want to find the creator all you have to do is open your eyes and look around you. At the sound of the gentel voices that come from the trees, the birds, the wind. The tenderness of a kiss or the embrace of passion. The closeness of friendship and the satisfaction of a life well lived and the knowledge that death is coming for you and you walk out to meet him on your own terms.

I am probably commiting a sacreligious act by quoting the Bible here on this site but like all religions it too has truth. I am reminded of the prophet Elijah who in fear had fled into the wilderness to hide from a queen who wanted him dead. And on a mountin God confronted him and asked him what he was doing there. His responce was human. "They seek my life and they want me dead and in my fear I have fled here to hide." God told him to head out to the enterence of the cave where he was and passed before him. It says that there was the sound of a great and powerful wind. But God was not in the wind. It says that there was a massive quaking of the earth. But God was not in the earth quake. And then it says that there was fire but God was not in the fire. And then there was a "quite voice"

All of these things we expect in the creator but sometimes we ignore the quite voice that is the real deal.

The Bible story can be found in the book of 1st Kings ch 9 I believe for those interested in a source.
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Re: A concept of time
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Time was only created by man for man. Dillion hit the nail on the head with that one. I cant say that i recall any of these events ever happening to me, but im gonna pay more attention now
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Re: A concept of time
Post # 6
It's a shame. I would love it if someone else has ever witnessed this, or at least think they have.

The other side of it is, if everything that has ever happened is still happening, and I can't see it any other way, then is it also possible that everything that is going to happen has also already happened?

The logical answer is no, there just wouldn't be room for all possibilities that exist around the freedom in choice of even the smallest of decisions that result in an action and yet how can a future be predicted, sometimes so uncannily accurately?
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Re: A concept of time
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
Firstly, nobody can see the future. It can be "forecast" of course; but that's not exactly the same thing.
And, of course there is a creator! It is the Sun!
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Re: A concept of time
Post # 8

I only have three things to say:

1) Time exists

2) Time is not linear

3)If there is a creator he/she would live outside of time.

Any questions on these concepts mail me.

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Re: A concept of time
By: / Novice
Post # 9
Yes time exists but only because someone came up with the word "time."

True it is not linear.

The past cant altered by man because any little change could have negative effects.
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Re: A concept of time
Post # 10
Actually the theory of metaphysics gives an idea of how the past present and future could exist similtaniously. You have to remember that our existance is not two deminsional or even three but many sided. The theory is that for every action we take in this life there are a ton of actions that branch off from that that we could have taken. If you have ever seen Jet Li's movie The One you will have seen a concept of this. In the movie a line of the characters life that turned out to be bad discovered that if he traveled to all of these other alternate realities and killed his alternate selves then he would gain their power and ultimatly become invincible. Of course his alternate self that went to the side of good stood up to fight him because as you diminish your other selves then the whole group becomes stronger. The concept is still the same. That is why we say that the future is always fluent and in motion and no one can really acuratly predict how it will turn out. You may be right 2% of the time.
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