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What made you join ?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► What made you join ?

What made you join ?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
I know it's probably already been a topic but, what brought you to this site? And more importantly, what brought you to the craft?

I myself was raised in a spiritual but non deity worshiping family, I always felt drawn to Wicca, Pagans and the like. After my starting years of high school I drew up the courage to join this site and start my journey as an initiate of the craft! Now three years later, I ended up where I am, happier than ever and at spiritual peace as a Traditional Witch so how about all of you? Care to sit and share a story with me?
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Re: What made you join ?
Post # 2
I was raised in the church...Roman Cathalic. When I was 14 I realized I had gifts on seeing things of the future and others. I started practicing with a friend who taught me a little and I pretty much learned the rest on my own. I have past my gifts to my daughter and even encourage her to do what her heart desires.
I have several spirits that have helped me over the years and they are still with me and I hope they stay.
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Re: What made you join ?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

I like the idea of this thread. :) I love hearing the stories of others.

What brought me to the path I am currently?

My parents, though they passed when I was still moderately young, were both Norse pagans- though eclectic, and not Heathen. I had some exposure to my heritage and tradition from a young age, and I came to be close with some Asatruars that I met. Eventually, I decided it was definitely the path for me, so I dedicated myself to working with some kindreds and declared myself a Heathen (though specifically a Lokean). A woman I spent some close time with taught me about Northern traditional shamanism, as she considered herself to be a modern volva, and I respected that. From there, I started practicing and learning on my own and eventually came to be a gythia of my own kindred.

What brought me to the site?

I actually had been looking up asatru rituals, in regards to calling upon certain deities, and I ended up stumbling upon this site. Which was ironic, because at the time there wasn't much to do with asatru or heathenry here. Don't regret my choice to stay one bit though! It's lovely.

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Re: What made you join ?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

The site: The pursuit of knowledge, and a community to go with it. What I got was more than I expected.

The craft: I wanted to improve my knowledge on who I was, what I could do spiritually and mentally (as well as phsycially in some cases), and I was sort of figuring out who I was. I guess In a way I already had a connection to energy work, and I always knew it was valid, it had real solid evidence for me.

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Re: What made you join ?
Post # 5
I love hearing everyone's stories! :D

I grew up in a slightly-strict/slightly-lazy Christian household. I never really had any closeness to God or any interest in religion until my 2nd year of highschool, to which I was purged of a "Big" demon I had inside of my body since the age of 5, this demon basically mind-warped me or something, making me believe that my life was meaningless and everything. But if it wasn't for my first girlfriend, I had then got the courage to excorcize that demon from my body, and felt incredibly weak afterwards, but the next day I became a completely different person, full of happiness and energy and appreciation for life and God and the new love I share with my girlfriend.

After that, I continued my small hobby of researching mythology when I came across information on witches and magick. I then found this website from google, and found out the truth of Magick. So to this present day, i'm no longer considering myself a Christian, but a person closer to God, and understanding of Magick, but in abbreviation, a Christian Wiccan! And so to this day i'm filled with positive, never-ending energy and happiness, I would never hold a grudge and never get angry.
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Re: What made you join ?
Post # 6
I came upon this site while searching for information on these gifts I have. Growing up Christian didn't give me any answers. The internet became available after a close friend built me my first computer. So here I am, and have found like minded people, and have stayed and enjoyed asking and answering and learning and making friends. Wonderful!!! I knew more than I thought, but technical terms are a problem. I am of the wind and have always been "blown" where I was needed. I am at a stand still currently, still learning and doing though. I think its a rest for me to get myself together after my mom died, and to gain energy and knowledge for my next ride on the wind. My job in this life is not done yet. So here I am...Blessed Be...
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Re: What made you join ?
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
Just like tomstome, looking for herbs.
I actually was born into Egyptian religion you might call it witchcraft i call it serving the God and Goddess.
(See my Bio. on my Profile)
Love to serve and guide in the Egyptian Craft.
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Re: What made you join ?
By: / Novice
Post # 8
I was in middle school when an older kid on my bus had a deck of tarot cards. He was Pagan, and sort of prompted everyone to draw I card. I pulled the World, and have been drawn to it ever since. He was the one who really sparked my interest, although I had always liked magick and witches from a young age.

I had been researching witchcraft and the like on the internet, and I stumbled upon this site. I actually knew about it for a few years before I joined, as a way to better myself and my connection with certain deities, but I'm very happy I did join.
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Re: What made you join ?
Post # 9

I joined to meet more people like me. I wanted to get more knowledge from other members and exchange notes. I like being around people that share the same ideals,belief system, and thoughts on certain subjects relating magick. I thought this site was, quite interesting and guess what it is interesting.

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Re: What made you join ?
Post # 10
When I was a child I liked trying to make it rain, and I was happy because it usually worked. I always believed in many things most people wouldn't and I was sure there had to be more out there than people thought. I also felt miserable sometimes because I felt abandoned in this world, alone, as I recognized myself too different from others. In time I learned to cope with it and tried to find out as much as I could living with my Catholic grandparents. When I moved back with my mum, I was free to explore, experiment and learn as much as I would like. Now, I've been a druidist for five years.
I joined the community recently, after getting tired of not having anyone to share info with.
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