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Name: Isisa
Location: Pompano Beach, Florida
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Hello to everyone at SOM.
I practice the Egyptian Magic, Im a Egyptian Witch or you can say an (Egyptian servant to the Gods) by birth handed down over many years.
I study and practice every day my craft, you are never to old to learn new things, im 64 years old.
I Had a wonderful Mentor Name Steve, a High Priest in the Egyptian carft that took me under his wing since I was 4 years old.
My mother found out that i took the family blood line when I went into a trance at 4 and she or my father could not pick me up from the floor, my mother after many years later told me i was talking in a difrent language and it was impossible to pick me up the trance lasted about 10 minutes.
My mother and dad ask steve to guide me, steve was with me until he pass away.
In the trance i could here and see, but in betwwen my parents an Egyptian servant was at my side (my parents never saw that) but I did when I came ot of the trance and told my mother she gasp and told me that was my ancestors my great, great, great grandmother.
As years went by i did spells and so forth on what i felt was correct and withe guidence of my mentor.
On my 30th Birthday my mother gave me, I will call it the Book of Shadow pass down from the family to use and not to miss use it.
Now you know how I started my craft.