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Name: Hollabaluru
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- Never allow fear to control your life. It is a sickness that can dim even the brightest stars. -


I follow no path but my own, and it is my path to walk and mine alone. I work with herbs in many ways, and they are as a part of me as the water we drink. My heart goes out to dieties of my own creation and understanding, and I work with them on a personal and spiritual level. I have experience in ceremonial practices, spirit working, shamanic animism , sacred geometry, higher magicks, herbal craft, and the spirituality of nature. Simply put, I work with nature in all it's beatiful forms.

I am an experienced Herbalist so feel free to come at me with questions about Herbs, either medicinally or Magickally

My spiritual path is only part of my life, I am a human being with many layers. This is one of them.


--Seek out the truth in your life--

Have you meditated today?

Great site for free and wonderful books: http://www.sacred-texts.com/