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Name: Arienna_07
Birthday: 1994
Location: Michigan, United States
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~I am the former priestess of Baying Wolves. ~

Hiya, I'm Arie. I've been studying since I was 12, I'm now 26.My element of choice is earth, and I'm currently studying Ogham, astrology and deity work. My strong points are protective magicks, animal totems, and dream interpretation.

As for my beliefs, I am predominantly Heathen. Even though I am Heathen, I do study and occasionally work with deities outside of the Norse pantheon. I find that I feel closest to the god Freyr, as well as his twin sister Freya. Loki and I are also rather familiar, although that was his choice, not mine. Outside of the Norse pantheon, I tend to ask for assistance from Cernunnos and Epona, and occasionally Brighid.

I will not respond to mail from people whose profiles say that they are part demon or some other mythological creature, or messages asking about such things, so don't bother. Please make it worth my time to open your message. Thanks.