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Natural Born Witches

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Natural Born Witches
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Natural Born Witches
Post # 1
So, when I say "Natural Born Witch", I don't mean someone that does Magick through spirituality, I mean someone that does it through there blood line, having an entire line of witches. I believe that this is an evolutionary step up, that, instead of them using Magick through higher entities, or meditation, they use magick that is imbedded in there DNA, they are not human, they are natural born witches. Examples are: Loup Garou, Faye, Sirens, and ect. What do you think about it? Is it real? Do you know anyone like that?
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Re: Natural Born Witches
Post # 2
I would have to disagree with you. While there are those that are born into families of witches, some of which have been practicing for generations, that doesn't make them anything other than human.
Yes, there are those that find magic to be quite easy and take to it like a ducking to water, it doesn't make them a supernatural entity or being. They simply have an easier time with it than others. It all depends on the individual. Genetic make up has nothing to do with it, in my opinion.

You can't be anything other than human. We are born as such and we will die as such. Practicing magic doesn't change our genetic make-up no matter how long it's been apart of our family heritages.

The creatures you are referring to are mythical beings or entities that many believe to exist on the astral realm. While they are associated with magic or supernatural abilities/powers,such beings are not human.
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Re: Natural Born Witches
Post # 3

I must agree with Lonicera.

Many people think that bloodlines have influence with your magic power.
There has been a common belief in Generational Magic that dictates the older the bloodline of a practitioner, the more psychic ability or magical power they have.

In actuality, it is the individuals focus, concentration, level of awareness and dedication that determines spiritual strength when performing acts utilizing spiritual power.

We are all born with the natural instincts of alertness and premonition, just as we are all born with the ability to suckle for food and comfort. There is also the common denominator around children using visualization through playful imagination.

Not only are bloodlines not fundamental for gaining magic abilities powers, they're not even related to said powers.

Your bloodline is your physical, genetic lineage.

Magick is about your Will, your energetic development, and your karma.

The past of your family will not matter.
You can be born with many predispositions that may lead a person to feel like they're a natural witch. For example, I have been enamoured with witches ever since I was a child. Before I could write I would draw them, before I started school I'd spend sunny days sitting in the garden plucking leaves for my potions and putting them in shampoo bottles (I told my mum, trust me, your pantene pro-v will be improved by all the twigs, special bits of mud, glitter and occasional dead insects.)

I was inspired, and while my brother did none of these things despite being exposed to the same influences I was, I?ve never been able to let go of witchcraft and do consider it an innate part of me.

What you think about natural witches in the way I think you mean (bloodlines, powerful gifts and so on) all depends on your definition of what a witch is in the first place! Or even more fundamentally, what you think it means to be human and what kind of universe we live in.

Anyone who has spent much time with children will see that some, for example, are more inclined to draw rather than play music, some are more inclined to dance than play sports, and some are more inclined to read a book than to talk. All kinds of things factor into that though. A natural witch could be someone who grew up (for whatever reason) with inclinations compatible with witchcraft, but to say someone is born knowing what rituals to do seems to me more fiction than reality.

A child might be a born dancer, but they weren't born knowing how to tango. Mozart always had a flair for music but he had to be taught the scales by someone else like every other musician before and after him. Doing rituals generally might be an impulse wired into the brain (childhood psychologists like Bruce Hood talk a lot about this) but knowledge of specific rituals? I have my doubts.

I know you know that when my family tell me I'm "a natural at cooking" you mean it in a different way to being a natural witch. However, I think the idea of a natural witch was created to add to the mystique around witchcraft. Traditionally witches aren't like normal people after all. They're occult: their knowledge is hidden, and so (people thought) maybe the ways that someone becomes a witch is a hidden kind of magic too. Witchcraft was feared, and the randomness around witchcraft was feared too. Who might succumb to it "Who might turn out to be one". Eventually fear seems to have turned into romanticism. It's very sexy, to be born a witch or are somehow chosen, either by blood or by bequest powers.

This is why no one talks of natural Christians, Hindus, Buddhists or Muslims: these are "normal people" but witches are almost always given a supernatural twist.

Nobody is immune to stereotypes or definitions of witchcraft in our society either (you could argue well that natural witches and Native American bloodlines are stereotypes, for example.) I grew up loving witches, not because I loved how evil and gross they were supposed to be but because the witches I was exposed to were all like me in someway: The Worst Witch, Witchchild, and (more recently) Harry Potter. For every Wicked Witch of the West, there is a Glenda the Good.

The ideas about witchcraft in society are complex, and these ideas are always being reconsidered and re-described as we talk.
So, as said above all of us are born naturally to be able to cast magic, and as said we can keep learning and practising.
It is true that there are people who recieve more gift in magic stuff, but if you practise you can be excellent!

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Re: Natural Born Witches
Post # 4
To add to the above:

Talent. It's a number that can never be changed. My music teacher taught me this. Talent x Work = Accomplishment

If you have say, a 5/10 Talent at music, and put only 5/10 hours of work in, you'll be average. If you have a 9/10 Talent and 1/10 work, you won't have SUPER AMAZING SKILLS. It takes both to be great.

Again, all musicians, actors, witches.. EVERYONE in the world as a sent amount of talent for everything. But, you're not a great soccer player the first time you kick the ball around. It takes talent AND work to get accomplishment.

The amount of talent you have can never be changed, no matter how much work you put in. It's a concept many teenagers don't seem to understand.
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Re: Natural Born Witches
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I do respect everybodies opinion at SOM, but I am a natural born Egyptian witch. (see my Bio).
I have 12 generations of born Egyptian witches.

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Re: Natural Born Witches
Post # 6
You can be natural born. I agree to that. It's just that it doesn't matter how many generations of magick-users are behind you. Again, it's all about core talent, not the talents of others.
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Re: Natural Born Witches
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
I learn from my ancestors, and a gift that i have that was a Book of Shadows handed down from mother to off springs. I would say is about 300 years old i had it appraised at one time, i thought was about 100 yeas old i was wrong.
I treasure it with my life, it is a giving to my grandson when i live this life.
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Re: Natural Born Witches
Post # 8
Okay, I think I get it. It does not matter you lineage, whether they were full bread witches or otherwise, it what you make of your life now that is important. That does not mean that your ancestors from beyond the grave do not help you in some way, like leaving behind their 300 year old tome, or teaching you at a young age spells and other things. Yes having a long line of witches helps, but it does not determine anything, infact as a witch you should know nothing is set in stone. Beyond that, don't let the fact that your not a natural born witch discourage you from believing the fact that you can be just as good as any other witch. In the end it comes down to what EMBRACE said TALENT X WORK = Accomplishment
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Re: Natural Born Witches
By: / Novice
Post # 9
to a degree i think lineage would play a role, i doubt it's as big as you feel it is. have a parent, or even a grandparent, who is a witch can help you in your studies and pass down knowledge to. actually casting ability would come from the same place, and while some people are better casting than others, your genetic link to a witch wouldn't instantly make you powerful. i use the example of art skills and magick. some people are naturally gifted with these talents, others learn through practice, and there are those who cannot pick it up no matter how much they try. neither of my parents are artistic, and my sister can draw alright, but i am naturally gifted. [i don't pursue it and i know many who are better than me, but its an example]

but you are right, some things can be passed down, i just doubt being born a witch automatically makes you better. plus most pagans don't instantly tell their child they are a witch, most let the child choose when they are older. as they grow up though, the child gets to celebrate with their parents to some degree, but this doesn't mean they're casting spells at age 2.
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Re: Natural Born Witches
Post # 10
Lineage can play a role, just as it is possible to pass on mental disabilities. Yet there are many who are diligent in their practice and are really quite strong, yet have a very poor mystic background. Mrs. Granger from the Potter novels for example. She was of non-magical parents, yet learned more, faster than those who were considered 'privileged', or 'worthy'. On a more fanciful note, I find myself calling those with the gift of song sirens, just for the sake of labeling.. Many also believe that the Fae are Simply spirits, and can vary from recently passed, to old as dirt. Guardians to troublemakers. Sometimes it's okay to think outside the box.
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