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Main Element: Air

"My name is AumBa, I also answer to Aum(b), or Ba. (Ba is what the toddlers call me anyhow.. o.O)." - Me

I am a Druid/Bard who also uses science in theorem with magic.. The truth has profound effects on your life. I can make music with anything, anywhere. Many years of experience regarding the occult(hidden). I do Divination of many kinds, TaroT being my favorite. I also do a lot of empathy, energy and trance work, as well as Reiki healing. I have a close relationship with the spirit of the element Air, and am actively looking for those of us that have naturally attuned to the old(Druidic) ways, or are on a similar path. I am more than happy to go in depth with any of these things, but I am allergic to fluff, so please don't bother to mail or speak to me if you wish to A. Change your physical appearance B. Cast a love spell C. Have me cast a spell for you. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +"Curiosity killed the cat, But the knowledge brought it back." +"Fear is the mind killer." + " Mathematics is the language in which god has written the universe "+

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