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Dream help?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Dream help?
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Dream help?
Post # 1
I had a dream about a year ago, It started out with my family argueing and screaming which is sadly extremely common around my house. I went outside to get away from all the yelling and screaming. It was pitch black out except for the moon and in my dream I was so feed up with all the chaos in my life that I felt completely distraught to the point I didn't care what I did or what happened. I started walking away from my house into the night shouting a plea I guess. I don't remember every word but I do remember saying thing's like "Please O' great Goddess except me as your child! Give me knowledge, power, strength! I can handle whatever you give me!!!" Like I said I didn't care what happened in my dream as long as something happened. As I was shouting and chanting The moon began to turn bright orange in the sky and the wiccan moon symbol began to appear in the sky (The 2 cresent moons on either side of the full moon). I remember how it made the whole sky seem brighter and made the pitch black darkness eluminate orange and red. I felt so happy and satisfied that my pleas were heard and I felt so much confidence and love. I can't even describe how beautiful everything was in the dream! I'm not any religioun, But I do study the Craft and beileve in energy and mother nature. Was this dream telling me something? Was it telling me to go ahead and invoke mother nature/spirit/Goddess, since I've been to afraid to because of my other religious family telling me I'm just going to let in evil (Which I know isn't true but I still have a fear and confidence issue with doing any type of Magick/spell work.) Was it a direct message from the Wiccan Goddess (in other words telling me to follow the wiccan path?) Plz no hate or asshole comment's I get enough of those in my life already, ok but I really just want to know everybody elses interpretation and ideas of what this dream may mean. Thank you for reading all this and giving any feedback! :)
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Re: Dream help?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
first, you shouldn't swear, against the forum rules.

what it sounds to me, you have a lot of hardships in your waking life that spills into your dreams. you feel happy/peace/whatever when you study [not particularly wicca, but your path brings you joy] while you shouldn't let your life be consumed by your spirituality, you need to connect with the part of yourself your path brings out because all the negativity is slowly consuming you. you turned to the goddess for guidance, and she answered your call. if you want a step by step literal translation of your dream let me know, that's just what i felt it said. [you could also count this as a sort of dedication since you asked for the Goddess to accept you as her child.]
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