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wisdom teeth /:

Forums ► Herbalism ► wisdom teeth /:

wisdom teeth /:
Post # 1
So i'm 17 and my wisdom teeth are ALREADY coming in.. and it hurts, a lot. it makes my face hurt and my head hurt. I know i can put orajel(a numb-er for your mouth; applied on the gums) or something of the sort on them, but does anyone know of an herbal remedy for pain? it's so deep in my gums i'm pretty sure the orajel wouldn't do much for the deep inside pain. if you could be of any help i would love that. thanks for your time :)
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Re: wisdom teeth /:
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
When I was 23 one of my wisdom teeth came up, so I know your pain.

If you're good with spicy food, take a slice of fresh garlic and crush it with your teeth at the spot. Oh yes! It will burn! But when you spit it out, or chew it and swallow it, the pain will be eased if not gone.

Less heated is to wet a teabag and bite it, letting it sit on the gum. It will reduce inflammation thereby reducing pain.

Another less heated remedy is hot green tea (as hot as you can stand) put a tablespoon of sea salt, a teapoon of garlic powder and teaspoon of onion powder. Stir it until the salt dissolves. It'll taste a bit like a soup broth, not unpleasant at all. Use it as a gargle and mouthwash. Make sure to swish it into your cheek so it gets between the gum and cheek. Let the liquid sit there for at least 10-20 seconds each time. I gargle and swish until the whole mug of liquid is gone. Be sure to spit it out, don't drink it (that much salt is bad for you if ingested). When your done, your mouth should feel a whole lot better.

These remedies also work wonderfully on gum infections. My wisdom tooth came mostly up but the gum didn't want to expose it completely. It's slowly pulling back but not very quickly. Once in a while, food will lodge itself in the gum and it'll get infected. I use these remedies with total success. Wisdom teeth are a real pain! Literally!
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Re: wisdom teeth /:
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

I'm 23 right now and I actually had a REALLY bad pain on my bottom wisdom teeth. It still hurts a little now, but not at all like before. The teeth started hurting when my fever came up, and it's been like that for over a week now.

What I did was brush my teeth all the time; when I wake up, every single time I ate, and before I went to bed. After you brush your teeth, use Listerine, or an off brand of listerine mouthwash to rinse (as long as it has the same chemicals like listerine where it says it fights bad breath, gingivitis, cavities, etc). After that, try to get cotton balls and tear them so that it is big enough to fit and cover your bottom wisdom tooth. Grind your teeth so you get it really deep into the tooth, it'll hurt like a stinging sensation, but trust me, it's worth it. After a few minutes, take it out, and you'll see th cotton ball is yellow where the wisdom tooth was; this is pretty much plaque. Since plaque builds up in the wisdom tooth, your saliva helps it also move the plaque from the wisdom tooth all around the mouth, which causes more bacteria. The cotton ball is pretty much a home remedy way of draining that plaque up. Dispose the cotton ball, and keep stuffing more cotton balls in your mouth and repeat the process as much as you want! By the time it is for you to go to sleep, leave cotton balls on your wisdom tooth throughout the night so it can trap the bacteria.

I've been doing this for about 3 or 4 days now, and the pain lessened by a LOT. Still hurts a little, but man was it excruciating before.

Let me know if this helps you. :)

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Re: wisdom teeth /:
Post # 4
thanks whiterav3n!! that was very helpful :) and erm, well.. i absolutly hate cotton balls. >.> i'm not sure why, it's the feeling, gives me the shivers. same with wet napkins? so, i'm not sure how well that will work for me :P
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Re: wisdom teeth /:
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Hatred of cotton balls and wet napkins...you must have had a very interesting childhood. Haha! just kidding.

You're welcome. =)
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Re: wisdom teeth /:
Post # 6
so i have been having wisdom pain to. my dad told me to put lemons/lemon juice on the affected areas.. i am the same with cotton balls, so i just swished it in my mouth for a minute or two. it tasted really bad, but it did take the pain away for a while :) it was a relief. hope this helps
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Re: wisdom teeth /:
Post # 7
Does everybody get pain in the wisdom tooth at an older age?
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Re: wisdom teeth /:
Post # 8

@Nicholas: Nope, and I wouldn't think so. Honestly, I think that my wisdom teeth came around while I was in middle school, maybe around when I was thirteen. They didn't hurt, but then I ended up getting braces in ninth grade so I needed to get teeth removed, which included all of my wisdon teeth (and a few others), and my wisdon teeth turned out to be impacted. I didn't experience much pain, since they put me to sleep.

But really, it is better to get those removed at a younger age when your wisdom teeth are still new since they have yet to grow roots.

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Re: wisdom teeth /:
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
I would never use pure lemon juice on tooth because it contains citric acid.Citric acid dissolves tooth enamel causing erosion, and if the erosion reaches to your nerve then you will need a root canal treatment and this will lead to loosing your tooth eventually ,because tooth with a dead root is destined to fell off.People with sensitive teeth will experience sensitivity almost immediately.
What causes carries is the acid produced by the bacteria that lives in our mouth and feeds on simple sugars because the enzyme present in our saliva (amylase) breaks down the starch to more simple compounds.Of course, every single organism has metabolism ,and this working metabolism results in metabolic waste and in the case of bacteria it is in form of acid.The acid attacks the enamel ,so in the human mouth ph does count as in entire human organism.You do not want more acid on the top of the acid that is already there to further dissolve your teeth minerals.

I am currently growing my first wisdom tooth ,despite I am 33 years old.It is not fun.The most painful part is until the tooth breaks through the gum and it is better that it does go all away through it ,so it will be less impacted.Oral hygiene is must ,because if your wisdom tooth gets infected and the infection effects the root and the nerve ,you will loose your third molar too.My tooth is still growing and I support the pain ,but in case that you want to use painkillers all the time think twice.You can overdose them ,and such overdose might cause migraine attacks and another adverse effects.Not to mention that you will need bigger dose after time.Herbal remedies are better ,as long as they do not contain acid that damages along with reducing the pain.I have heard that clove also helps in case of toothache.Simply place the entire clove on the tooth or near by and chew it.When the clove breaks you should feel bitter taste,because the active ingredients and the oils will be released.Hold in in place for a minute and the spit it out.Alternatively,you can use clove oil and place it on the tooth.Clove will work on aching muscles too.The active chemical in the plant is eugenol, and it has also antibacterial properties .You do want the bacteria away from your wisdom tooth and the gum ,through which it is poking through.
When a tooth hurts for very long time and the nerve of the tooth is over exited it might trigger other trigger points in the jaw and the jaw muscle then will trigger another satelite points in the temples ,giving you the worst migraine ever.Pain should never be ignored on long run ,or you might get aches and pain all over your face and temples.Not to mention that impacted wisdom tooth can cause infection and other very serious issues.Wisdom teeth have to be observed closely to see how they are progressing and if they are not impacted and threatening the healthy near by teeth ,or causing the activation of latent triggers points in facial muscles.

As for the cotton balls during the night I can not help ,but think what will happen if it dislodges during sleep, and ends up in your trachea causing pulmonary aspiration.There is a good chance that you will be dead ,by the time someone even noticed that you are not breathing.
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Re: wisdom teeth /:
By: / Novice
Post # 10
Make a strong sage tea to use a a rinse. Not only does this numb pain, but it keeps any infection away. Also good for before going to dentist for teeth work. People tend to wait to have a tooth pulled, only to go and have to take antibiotics before the pull. Sage tea rinse will keep infection down, so the tooth can be pulled on first trip.
It is true about the lemon, and all citrus, coffee, cola, etc. They eat away the enamel, which you can never get back. Always rinse your mouth out after eating and drinking. I can't stress enough how important this is. BB
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