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Name: LilyRoze
Birthday: Aug 10 1988
Location: Flowerdale Australia
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 30 Sep 2012
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so im me.. im 24 years old, strawberry blonde, green eyes and im not perfect, but i care. i have a lovely partner and beautiful puppy dog :) i do have social anxiety so if i seem a bit outa wack that is probbably why :)

so a little bit more about me... i love to draw, paint and be 'artsy'. i love to sing and listen to music to. i like to be creative in many ways. i love to read and learn about lots of different things(herbal remedies, physics, space, time etc.) the history channel and discovery channels are my favorite! i love animals to!
i used to be a martial artist (taekwondo-black belt 1st dan) however i got injured in a competition and could no longer participate in the sport. i guess thats where i started feeling 'lost'. i believe in mind body and spirit and they are all very powerful.
i have been interested or 'pulled' towards pagan/wiccan beliefs since i was a kid. i just didnt feel whole or at peace so to say, and my beliefs were always different to everyone elses. i've always felt that this was my path, im now 24 and i have only just embraced this new beginning. why it took so long? i guess i was very apprehensive and felt very very lost. however now i feel that this is my path i finally feel some inner peace. i would love to learn further in all areas of the craft/wicca/paganism.
i am currently enrolled in hoping to learn a few new things! i am taking the fae class and i am loving it so far!