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To let everyone know now, I am not full Pagan... I'm Catholic for the most part, but I feel that the two beliefs really compliment each other well. Obviously, I don't feel Paganism is the "devil's" work or else I wouldn't be interested. I never judge those with different religious views. I don't like it when people shove their belief down my throat and there's no point for me to shove mine down theirs. I only believe in two different types of people in this world... Good and bad; that simple.

I am genuinely sick of people who feel that Christianity and Paganism can't mesh well together and that someone needs to pick only one. I think it's a little funny when people think that way because you know when another individual has a mixed view such as Buddhism and Paganism, Satanism and Paganism, or even Judaism and Paganism, it is alright. There's no difference at all, yet some people think it's wrong to have Christianity and Paganism as their religion.

I believe in one and only God and that there are angels, other Gods, and other Goddesses who are the work of God. I had gone to Catholic school for over 10 years and confirmed when I was 17 years old, so yes, those who loathe Christianity just because they had to go through a Catholic/Christian school, I have been there and done that. Imagine being at an Asian Catholic school... We were more strict and disciplined than most American Catholic schools out there. They still believed in hitting and all that, so I've done it all. But you know what? I feel like it made me a stronger person in some way.

I've always been interested in and practiced the Pagan religion since I was about 8... But, hid my feelings about it up until recently.

What I do on my spare time is meditate. I study crystal, herbs, tarots, and runes. Tarots in specific is what I've always had and been doing for the past 4+ years. Books I have collected are on crystals and runes. I feel crystals help really bring the energy out of you and motivates the spiritual body. Any chance I can get I've been using my pendelum to help strengthen itself. Just about any tool I have for the craft I have consecrated. I am also learning more about chakras and will be performing it on myself fairly soon. I'm learning a little on palmistry as well, but my main interest at the moment is hypnosis. I'm reading up on it to perform on myself to help rid flaws and overcome problems that I currently have (nothing major, just bad habits and such).

My default photo is the archangel, St. Michael.

I do have photos of myself on here as well, but it is only private. I'm not sure if private means that it can only be viewed for those that are my friends are just view-able for myself.

  • A little about me (I'm just going to make a list because a long paragraph is boring):
  • I'm Asian mainly. Vietnamese for the most part and a bit of Chinese and French. I'm 23, though if you see me in person, I look like a 12 year old... I guess it's because of my ethnicity.
  • I'm currently a graduate for the Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice.
  • Fiscally conservative, socially liberal.
  • Been in a monogamous relationship for over 5 years now.
  • I've got about 8 piercings and 5 tattoos with another on the way.
  • 1 family dog
  • I use to own a feline before she passed away with leukemia... We were her rescues and am glad to have given her a home, may she rest in peace.
  • Favorite kinds of music is metal, alternative rock, and classic rock.
  • Kinds of shows I like is South Park, Family Guy, That 70's Show, Breaking Bad, 3rd Rock From the Sun, Walking Dead, etc.
  • I love comedy, action, and horror movies.
  • Movies I enjoy are all Kevin Smith movies excluding Vulgar and including Red State, Halloween series and Scream series, ANY kinds of zombie movies, etc.
  • Books I am currently reading are Trust Me, I'm Dr. Ozzy, Hypnosis for Beginners, Numerology, Chakra Workout, Palm Reading, Exploring Spellcraft, and Crystals.
  • I'm an Aries.
  • My Chinese zodiac is a Snake, specifically Earth Snake.
  • I love going to shows and bars.
  • Moderate drinker, daily smoker.

  • Something I'd like to share:
  • Saw Kevin Smith live when he came to my city once.
  • Ozzy Osbourne kissed me when I went to his book signing. Funny thing was, I asked for the kiss at first and he said I was too young... Only reason he finally did it was because I told him my real age. :P
  • Close friends with singer from Podunk, members of Loud Love, and Kelly Sundown Carpenter. (Mainly locals and state)

    If you would like to know anything else, just mail me.