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creating your own spells
Post # 1
dose anyone know how to create your own spells?
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Re: creating your own spells
Post # 2
It's extremely common throughout this site. Especially with the coven leaders.
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Re: creating your own spe
Post # 3
spells are simple to create, you just need intent really, incantations help yourself know what you want and helps you focus and it doesn't even have to rhyme, spells only commonly rhyme because its easier to remember and it flows easier, what i'd suggest you'd do is get a piece of paper, write down as many words possible for your intent and make a few sentences then piece them together, after that do some researching on candles and colors and symbols etc, to see which match the same attribute for example

a hex:
black candle-hexing, banishing
graveyard dirt(goofer dust)-extra kick etc......

money spells:
green candle- prosperity, wealth etc..
rune- feoh(fehu)- wealth, property, power, status etc

and just keep doing this, also botanicles help also but you may just need their spiritual assistance or just burn them.. (spiritual assistance= just have them present at the ritual)
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Re: creating your own spells
Post # 4
i disagree! fake spell mixing with real spell
creating your own spells might not work because it is fake! fake spell!
UNLESS you can prove it to me!
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Re: creating your own spells
Post # 5
1st, you kids need to start going to newbie central. The admin of the site created it just for this reason.

2ndly - here's the info you wanted.

# How do I cast spells?

o Spells are only effective if you believe them to be. If you want your magic to work, you need to have faith in yourself. It's all about perception and willpower.
o One key thing to remember is to try and stop your mind from thinking about anything apart from the spell.
o If you are just doing it for fun, don't bother - it won't work for a party trick. Keep in mind that its a spirit/will thing.
o If you follow it, remember the Threefold Law when working a spell. What you put out, be it magical or not, comes back to you threefold.
o There is a posibility these spells may not work.
o Simple Rule: If you send evil out, it will come back knocking on your door.

# How do I write a Spell?

* State your intention. Decide on the result you want to accomplish with the spell.
* The Moon is important in witchcraft and, therefore, has a profound influence. The Moon is important in witchcraft and, therefore, has a profound influence.
Time your spell. Timing when casting spells can be important. The Moon is important in witchcraft, and therefore has a profound influence upon us. It is very important to choose the right moon phase for your spell;

Magical workings for gain, increase or bringing things to you, should be initiated when the moon is waxing (from new to full);

When the moon is waning (from full to dark), then its time for magical workings of decrease or sending away.

The highest energy occurs at the full moon, and therefore this is the most powerful time for magical workings. The new moon is the next most powerful time for magic.
* Work with the seasons. There is a natural time for starting things (a planting time), for maturing things (a growing time), for reaping things (a harvest time) and, of course, a time for rest and planning.
* Gather your tools. Make sure that you have all the tools that you need for casting the spell. Your tools must have no inherent magic. They are to help you create a mood. You also have to clean your tools. Don't forget to cleanse and bless (consecrate) your tools before your begin casting your spell.
* Understand magic. Remember that magic is the manipulation of energy, a thought is a form of energy and a visualization is an even stronger form of energy. Your visualization can be a method used to intensify further and direct your will. Your visualization can be the method by which you control the magical energy you have produced. You must know what you want. You must see it. You must feel the high energy flow. You must direct it.
* Write your spoken words. For making your words and thoughts stronger you can write your spell into a rhyme to be spoken aloud; this makes it easier to remember your spell, you can also chant your spell to raise energy.
* Remember the Threefold Law. Everything that you want to reach with this spell comes back 3 times, good or wrong.
* Additonal Tips
o Before you write your final version of your spell, you can write on a note what you want to reach with your spell, and what you are needing.
o Don't forget to cast a circle before doing any spell, for you are totally vulnerable for elementals when casting higher powers of other beings.
o Meditation is the key to relaxation, and being completely relaxed allows energy to flow freely throughout your body. You should learn how to clear your mind and focus with whats on hand.
o Remember the very important law: if thee harm none, do what thou will.
o Remember to always end a spell in "In no way shall this spell reverse, or place upon me any curse, so mote it be"

What do I do when spells dont work?
There are several reasons why I spell doesn't work. What happens usually is that the spell caster is dabbling or meddling with magic for their first time and doesn't truely believe that the spell will actually work. This is an automatic set up for a downfall or a backfire. When performing spells always keep total focus and know, not think, your spell will work. Also, meditation before spell casting is also a really good place to start
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Re: creating your own spells
Post # 6
and here is the basic spell structure for writing a spell.

I. Understand exactly what it is you wish to accomplish and know how to word it. Know exactly what you want before you undertake a spell. If you can't state precisely, in 15-20 words or less, or visualize precisely what you expect to manifest from the spell, you're not ready to proceed with it. Don't be vague. Many a witch has manifested results that were exactly what was asked for, not what was truly desired for. Once you have clearly defined what you want, decide what words you will use to verbalize this magickal desire and the visualization. You may use rhyme or prose, just be sure you use the present tense, and write it down and/or memorize it.

II. Start visualizing the process towards the ends. Start seeing the process from where you are now to what your situation will be like once the magickal goal is manifest. It is important to remember not to dictate how the goal will manifest, just how your situation will change and improve when it does. Likewise, don't visualize taking from someone else to fulfill your need. This is a violation of the Rede, and will never work to your ultimate good.

III. Decide which magickal tools you will use (if any) to help draw the energies of your goal to you. If you want to be totally precise and anal look at the Wheel of the Month for the correct Moon phase, the correct Correspondence Tables to decide which Astrological, Planetary, Day, Hour, Elemental, Color, Stone, Incense, Herbal, and Essential Oil attributes are appropriate for your magickal goal. You may choose to use as many or as few as you desire.

IV. Have everything you need in the appropriate place at the appropriate time. Your magick could be lessened if you have to leave the sacred space of the circle to retrieve forgotten items.

V. Purify your space and yourself.

VI. Cast your Circle.

VII. Ground and Center yourself. Do this by pulling your energy into a line running through the center of your body that is anchored into the Earth. Clear your mind of all errant thoughts so you can focus on the task at hand.

VIII. Begin visualizing your goal and raising magickal energy. Concentrate and start your visualization; the one that you perfected in step one. Take your time and recall it in vivid detail. Start raising magickal energy. Witches call this energy the "Cone of Power", as it rises up above them in the shape of an inverted cone. Do this by dancing, singing, visualizing, chanting, or any combination you desire.

IX. Perform the Actual Spell. Use the tools, words, actions, and anything else required. If you make a slight mistake, worry not, just continue. If you feel you have made a major mistake, stop right there and begin grounding the energy you've raised into Mother Earth. It is better to proceed than stop. Partially cast spells tend to manifest chaotically.

X. Release the Cone of Power. Even after the spell is finished, you may continue to build up the energy you have been raising. When you feel you can't raise any more energy, release it physically, by exhaling or throwing your arms up; and mentally, by seeing it go outward from you to do it's work.

XI. Formally end the spell with an affirmative phrase such as "It is So", or, "So Mote It Be". Any residual energy you feel around you at this point should be grounded into Mother Earth.

XII. Close your Circle.

XIII. Enter the details of your magickal workings in your Book of Shadows. Include the day, date, time, tools used, actual spell, and any comments or observations you have.

XIV. Work your spell in the mundane world as well. This means taking whatever actions are necessary in your everyday, physical world to aid the manifestation of your spell. This includes continuing to visualize your goal.

XV. Repeat the spell. This is at your discretion, but "more" is not always "better". Piling spell atop spell will likely cancel the previous spells out. Some witches wait three months before repeating a spell.

X. Breaking the Spell. It has been my experience that once something is cast, it will run it's course to an extent, even if you "break the spell". Energies you set in motion are going to manifest; breaking the spell allows you to control to some degree how much of those energies manifest.
To break a spell, cast your Circle and call upon the energies of the spell to return to you. You must then ground those energies into Mother Earth. You may use the sequence of steps above to construct a spell for breaking other spells
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Re: creating your own spells
Post # 7
Ok and Yui, what are you talking about? Writing your own spells is 95% more effective than "borrowing" someone elses. I can understand that if you want to teleport and you write a spell to do so, then yea it's probably not going to work, however, how are kids going to learn until they preform and learn from trial and error if you are putting negative thoughts into their heads right off the get go? sounds to me like you should go back and study manners as well as what true magic really is.
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Re: creating your own spe
Post # 8
well done silver, i think there is hope for the witches of this era
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Re: creating your own spells
Post # 9
I always suggest u be creative. To help ur creative muscles get going is to look at other spells written. E.g if u wanted to create a love spell. u should look at other love spells and get ideas from them. i dnt suggest u do spells others hav created becuase spells others hav created may only work half as good for u. just to add in. spells u create ur own r much stronger.
good luck creating^^
blessed be
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Re: creating your own spells
Post # 10
Yui magick cannot be proven so if you're so hyped up on that idea "oh i'll believe it when i see it" then just leave
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