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Name: Amayah
Birthday: Jun 9 2006
Location: The Forrest with my coven
Gender: Female
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|| tsac sniamer wodahs eht || Hello, i am Katy ___________________________________________________________ My spiritual gifts ___________________________________________________________ Clairessence (psychic smell) Channeling and Communicating with spirits Astral Projection Energy Sensing Lucid Dreaming (new to me) ___________________________________________________________ Please do not message me with "Romantic" or "Sexual" messages i am a minor. And please do not ask for socials. i will not share them with you unless i personally know you. ___________________________________________________________ What i work with ___________________________________________________________ Sigil Magick Candle Magick Herb Magick Spirit work Gift training Moon Magick Meditation Crystal Magick Tarot Numerology Astrology Smudge Stick Magick Incense Magick __________________________________________________________ If you have realistic, practical questions, i may answer best of my ability. With that being said, good day to you all. ~ Katy