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Name: Lilfallenod
Birthday: Feb 15 2004
Location: Jacksonville florida
Gender: Female
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Hello, I am Kayla or somethings known as Kyle depending on which personality is out. Haha, I really dont know what to say, There once was a little girl whom listened and talked to shadows They hid in the darkness seeking her out to delve in the darkness trying to fight her apparent coaxing didnt work. Nothing could for the voices in her head could tune them out. Magic in the works yet again. Social media: insta: lilfallenod Discord: ~L~#2968 Humans live such pitiful lives. Its disgusting to see how they are all the same live have intercourse have a family die. Nothing new nothing interesting. Not everything has to die is what they cant realize or grasp memories form within time.. You just have to know where to form and place them