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Name: Dark_Enchant
Birthday: Apr
Location: In Cali wondering what to do with my life
Gender: Female
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Hi, my name is Violet. I am not new to the craft as I've known about it for a long time, but i'm new to learning about it and practicing it.

-Don't message me if you're going to ask to date me or ask me for something sexual, i'm not here for that and not only will I block you but I will report you.

-Don't threaten me, I will block and report you.

-Don't ask me for personal information, I will tell you what I trust you with.

-Don't bring drama to me, I don't need it.

-If you are suicidal or depressed don't talk to me about it, I am not your therapist. Call the suicide hotline or get help.

-Don't fight me, I don't have patience for it.

What I want to learn about:

Herbology, crystals, familiars, healing, natural magic, pendulums, potions, magick oils, essential oils, kitchen witchcraft, and charms .

I'm known to be quite vexing, I'm just forewarning you.

And I'm also pretty crazy, hahahahaha!

"Im sick of awaiting your vacancy
I hope that you choke on your vacant teeth
No space in your broken veins left for me
I know that youre empty, I know that youre empty"