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Name: AnEvilQueen
Location: Wishing I Was Not Broke, Reliant On My Parents Money, And Struggling To Reach My Dream Of Being A Singer/Songwriter
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Feel free to message me. Hey, everyone! I'm a psychic, dancer, musician, singer, songwriter, actor, and writer. My dream is to work as a voice actress/singer/songwriter for ROOSTER TEETH PRODUCTIONS in Austin, Texas. I'd die for the chance to have an internship there in those roles. I'm an eclectic witch and a political liberal who practises in solitude. Agnostic. Vegetarian. Bisexual. Pertaining to magic, I am skilled in the areas of communication with spirits and demons, the reading of auras, card readings with playing cards, having and deciphering psychic visions, and candle magic. I am learning weather magic. In regards to my psychic abilities, I am a born psyhcic with strengths in seeing, knowing, and hearing. I am also an empath, medium, and clairvoyant.