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Hello, my name is Yuu and I live with a fairly large family that will also be using this account. We're here for one purpose and that's to expand our limitations with white and black magic. We're neither a witch but who understands the concepts of magic and deals with it in everyday life. Also, we would like to inform you all if you wish to know about a supernatural creature or just want to see if they're real, ask us because trust us when we say that we'd dealt with such creatures before. The difference between reality and illusions is that reality is the concept of normality where things make sense and easy to understand. It's when our minds see everyday life as normal and that we basse logic on everything rather than magic and other beliefs to sustain our balance. However, illusions give the concepts of weirdness, magic and other beliefs rather than logic. It's when we see things differently that are fake than reality. Our minds develop hallucinations; images that are fake but can be real at the same time. Therefor, if you think about it future, reality and illusions are the same thing but different words with different meanings. Normality as someone who is not special in any way; someone who acts and thinks as a person without flaws, someone who is perfect in every way. There are many words to describe normal. The way I look at it gives me the chills because if everyone was normal in this world then everyday life would be dull.