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Name: littleone22
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Gender: Female
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Hi, I have no experience in magick or casting spells, but I am open minded to everything.
A Pisces with Pisces moon and Pisces sun and Capricorn Ascendant.
What triggered me to join this site? Well I always had visions and dreams about the future and what is going to happen and it always came true. That catched my attention so I started digging for some info. I am very young and I don?t understand any of this so that?s the reason why I joined this website so people could explain it to me and also i wanted to hear other people?s experiences about ?unusual? things.
I am opened to everyone.
I will not be that active because I have school and am a very good student and I like to keep it that way.
I don?t support cyberbullying at all or any type of bullying for that matter
I am here to learn something new and have a new experience and maybe who knows a new lifestyle