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Name: saal333
Birthday: Nov 29 2001
Location: deep in a forest somewhere
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I have been interested in wicca ever since I was little, and now I've began to study and practice it. I am 16 and am accepting all friends unless you are rude, in which case i will block you. I do tarot and accept all requests to perform a reading. I also accept gifts. I'm always happy to chat. Some more stuff about me: I'm gay. My favorite colors are red and black. I'm very into jewelry and I am always looking for more. I'm a Sagittarius. I practice Wicca but study all magical religions. I'm eclectic. My element is fire. I specialize in divination, especially tarot. I'm emo/punk. My favorite music is metal. Favorite bands are Chelsea Wolfe, motionless in white, pierce the veil, and Myrkur. the band im in is nosfera2. We do doom metal and black metal.I do lead guitar and vocals. Things I practice/ study: Wicca, healing magic, Astral projection, Philosophy, Roma traditional magic, Aboriginal religion, The works of Aleister Crowley, I study a lot more that I don't want to type out so yeah. photos are public btw. and sorry to the mod who gagged me, it wont happen again. ---------------------------------------