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Remitorm's Profile

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Name: Remitorm
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 13 Aug 2016
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
For my own reasons I do not wish to reveal my real name on this site but a lot of people I know call me Remitorm Darkwind to start off with I am 14 I'm attending secondary school and doing my Gcse the reason I have come to this sight is because of a problem I have been having relating to this subject involving a demon which I will explain later I am not lying or joking about this it is a problem I have been having I would like to learn the less well trodden paths of magic and I'm quite interested in summoning's necromancy and demonology now my problem with a demon is that I bought a ring yes I understand this sounds like the start of a really lame movie but its the truth I was out shopping with my mother when we went into an accessories store we wondered around in their for a while and my mother bought a pair of earrings she then told me I could buy something I was looking around and I saw a skull ring which I really liked and I tried it on and it wouldn't fit as it was too big so I put it down I was about to leave when something caught my eye it was silver and about the size of a 2 pound coin so I said to my mom what's that as it was in the section with the cheap rings that were 2 pound and kind of girly she picked it up and it was a silver ring that looked totally out of place in the store it was in and I kind of liked the look of it its design was a silver snake about an inch and a half long with emerald eyes a grey crystal on its head with black jems I think are onyxs covering half of the tail and the other half is coved by what looks like some sort of diamond like crystals so I bought the ring thinking this is quite cool and I put it on and me and my mum went around keeping on shopping and the ring just stayed on my finger like well a ring should nothing happened I got home played on my laptop for a bit then got ready for bed and went to sleep I don't remember much from the dream I had only that it was in a cave that was dark and extremely far down and looked like it was made out of granite with a temple in the wall with my ring on it in the dream I touched the ring and it started growing until It was a huge silver snake with emerald eyes that was thicker than me it was extremely long in the dream it coiled itself around me not crushing me or anything just layering itself around me until it was completely surrounding me and then it lowered its head and stared straight at me with these faintly glowing eyes I don't knowhow long we starred into each overs eyes before I woke up because of my alarm but it freaked me out at first I just thought it was a bad dream but then when I took of my ring to brush my teeth and go to the toilet in the morning my head started throbbing not so much that it hurt but it was annoying then I got in my taxi and went to school at school I was told to take of my ring in class and I did and the headache came back and kept getting worst I ended up just putting the ring back on and hding my hand in my pocket and hiding it there that was on the 07/03/2016 about 3 days ago as today is the tenth I can take the ring of for about an hour befire the headache gets too bad and I haven't had the dream again I did some research about demons and spirits and found out that finding out the name of the demon or spirit can help you gain control over it so I did some research and tried reading out different names of demons to myself whilst wearing the ring I read aload of names and when I read out the name Azreal from the list the ring started throbbing now I know the bible well enough to know Azreal is the name of the archangel of death or chaos or something but I don't think a giant silver snake is him somehow after about an hour searching online I found this site and decided to write this hopefully someone on hear will be able to explain this abit more to me as I'm not sure wether this ring has possessed me bonded with me or is doing something else id also like to know why it likes the name Azreal and why it makes me feel ill when I take it off it also wouldn't be bad to be able to use it to do magic or demonology with it if any one can help message me or something