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Name: Heidenwulfor
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Hello Spells of Magic member, my name is Soren. I am a Heathen. More specifically Tribalistic Asatru. My affiliation is with the Aesir, however I frequently work with and honor the Vanir, the Rokkr, the Alfar, the Svartalfar, or the Jotun. I do not currently have a Patron god or goddess. However, I will honor all the Aesir, by holding by their general principles. This requires that I act with honor. I will not lie, I will be honest. I will not promise if I cannot keep it. I will fight for those who cannot fight, speak for those without a voice, and defend those to weak to defend themselves. I will be a strong leader. I will be a protector. I will be caring and compassionate to humanity, however I will be straight forward, never sugar coating anything. I will uphold my feelings towards masculinity and masculine energy. To be a true man, one must show strength, dominance, and aggression. Harnessing their own inner strength and power to do good. A true man will also be gentle when it is needed, even if it is difficult. Although I am firmly rooted in my beliefs, I do not disrespect or speak badly of other faiths. Each have its own legitimacy and everyone has the right to their own path. My username is a promise I've made to myself. To stay true to this name is to stay true to myself. It is derived from three Icelandic and Germanic words. "Heiden" meaning Heathen, this is for me to exclaim to those proudly of my religion and devotion to the gods. "Wulf" obviously meaning wolf, a pack creature favoring aggression and loyalty. Much like the wolf I too am extremely loyal, almost to a fault, having a small pack that I stay close to. I favor the quality of people over the quantity. The last word I chose was Thor, son of Odin, the personification of strength, and protector of the worlds of Asgard and Midgard. This is to show my intent to protect those who deserve protection, such as the weak or the innocent, all those pure in heart who do not cause harm to others. All of these words gave me the name Heidenwulfor, the Heathen wolf of Thor. Hail Odin! Hail Thor! Hail Baldr! Hail Heimdallr! Hail Tyr! Hail Loki! Hail Fenrir! Hail Frigga! Hail Freyr! Hail Freyja! Hail Ullr! Hail Kvasir! Hail the Spirits of the Volva! Hail the Svartalfar! Hail the Ljosalfar! Hail the Valkyries! Hail to my Ancestors! Hail the Landvaettir, and the House Wights! Hail the Runes, for I believe each has a spirit of it's own! Hail Yggdrasil! Hail the Aesir, the Vanir, and the Rokkr! Hail Jotunvolk! Notes: I was previously known as the user LucifersFree, however I changed profiles in order to better represent my own religious preferences. For a while I was a Luciferian Satanist, however I never felt spiritually fulfilled. I still hold Lucifer in high regard and respect him for opening my eyes to the world outside of Christianity, however his path was not the one I was destined for. Lost and alone, I decided to let go and find my own destiny. That is when I answered the call of the Aesir, something I had heard before but ignored due to my family's religious affiliations, I was beaten into the Christian mold. I have felt a connection to them since I was a young boy, it is only now I have the courage to answer them. To me my blood is important. I make sure my actions honor my ancestors, as well as atone for their transgressions to the world. But I would also like to say, just because of some political affiliations with Asatru, this does not mean I am racist. I respect everyone and treat all equally. I find great power in my use of words. I craft songs, poems, stories, and great metaphors that entice emotion, that feed the very being of one's nature. Not the nature they wish unto them, but their true human nature. The nature of their primal desires, their animalistic urges and instinct they bury into themselves. My words are an escape from the bonds of everyday societalism, and for a brief moment one can return to their roots, letting them be free. To the spirit of the beast of humanity, to the spirit of Fenrir, to the spirit of our world. Also I do not teach, I do not perform spells for you, I barely even practice. Do not ask. Period. However if you want to chat or have an intelligent conversation go right ahead, I'm open and friendly.