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Name: RavenTrigon
Birthday: Feb 12 2002
Location: American Rust located in Arcadia Bay
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 22 Mar 2018
Membership: Member
Coven Title: Priestess

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POLITICAL TEEN ACTIVIST! Follow me on Twitter @American_Rust

Remember, every party ends eventually. You might as well make yours fun.

I am the priestess of the coven The Legion of Light and Dark. If you are interested in joining, please see the coven page and contact me. We are looking for new ACTIVE members. Please know, if you join, you must post to forums. Not doing so may get you kicked. Thank you

I am a blue haired punk and a sarcastic teenager. If you can't handle the attitude then you might not want to message me

If I have pre-emptively blocked you, it's because I think you're fluff, or I accidentally hurt myself looking at how edgy your profile is

Relationship status: Meh

Orientation: Bisexual, prefers girls but ill date a guy haha

Ideologically, the pursuit of science is not that different from the ideology that goes into punk rock. The idea of challenging authority is consistent in both.

Now onto the good stuff

  • My spirit animal is a butterfly.
  • My main goddess is Artemis
  • I am knowledgeable in herbalism and potion making.
  • Skilled in basics (always revisiting)
  • Scrying
  • Hellenistic God/desses
  • A lot more

Name is Chloe. If you want to talk, just send a message. I'm always down for a conversation. Just don't be a creeper. My world has been a rollercoaster lately, up and down. Life sucks, but it's the only one I have. Warning. I do have a potty mouth. I will not apologize for it

Conversation starters:


Video games

Favorite bands

Favorite place to hang out

And that's all she wrote.