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Name: Daire
Birthday: Sep 27 1994
Location: Europe/Pennsylvania (Currently in Europe)
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 25 Dec 2015
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Merry meet, Why did peter pan fly? Because he "neverlands" My (witch) name is Daire (it is not my real name). I am a white witch. Magick/magic was passed onto me by my grandmother before she passed. I have been on here for a year now. I would love to help, but I caNoT cast a spell for you. It is better to do it yourself. Feel free to mail me. If you were wondering.. i'm american. If you flirt with me I will simply block you. I came on here to study and learn not to date. This is NOT a dating site. Do not hesitate if I do not get back to you. It means that I will either be busy or I've reached my limit. We are ALL humans. Do not think that you are a mythical creature. My interests : Magic,Friends,Som,Myself,Our personal savior (God), Heaven,Witch magic/magick,Socializing,Chocolate,sleeping,egyption magick,Hats (I have a thing for them XD),Outfits (i'm picky),trust,covens. What I practice/study: Astrology Witchcraft White magic/magick Mental magic/magick Wand magic/magick PS~ Witches do not fly on brooms. BLESSED BE Blessed be thy feet, which have brought thee in these ways, Blessed be thy knees, that shall kneel at the sacred altar, Blessed be thy womb, without which we would not be, Blessed be thy breasts, formed in beauty, Blessed be thy lips, that shall utter the Sacred Names of the gods. It?s important to keep in mind that Wicca is a newer religion, and many of its terms and rituals are rooted in Thelema, ceremonial magic, and hermetic mysticism.