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Name: Taziar
Birthday: Oct 7 1985
Location: Somewhere peaceful in the light of the moon
Gender: Male
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I am an eclectic druid ..I've been self teaching for close to 15 years ..but I have not succeeded as I would have liked so its back to basics ..appreciate any help given..thank you!
I love to read science fiction, fantasy,medieval,history,and paranormal
My movie tastes are pretty much the same as my books .
I spend most of my time working, reading,watching movies, studying all things pagan,ad spending time with my wife and daughter.
sorry to anyone whom I have offended by any statements but I have a tendency to to put my opinion out there even when it's not asked for!
Areas of study and interest
Nocturnal witchcraft,Direct Magic ,Elemental Magick, Druidism,tarot,clairvoyance (psychic premonitions), herbology,gem &stone magic, candle magic, astral projection, lucid dreaming,sigil magic
Great dream recall method..http://www.dreams.ca/recall.htm
Before one can master the world around them,they must first learn understanding,then one must master self or all else will fail.
In order to learn we must accept known facts of the world around us then push the limit of those facts until they are no longer facts but merely what was known before you began.
If the world around you is confuseing, then you are not watching with open eyes .You are blinded to the fact that all things happen as response to instinctual reaction ,when you understand what instinctual response is you can comprehend how truly simple the world is.

If you have never posted a comment on the threads and are less than a week old ,Do Not,I repeat,Do Not send me a message asking me to be your friend.
If you know nothing of me ,why would you bother asking me to cast anything for you, I will not cast anything for anyone ,if you do not want to learn ,do not ask me to teach you anything.
Yes I am a druid ,no this does not mean I transform into an animal and run through the woods ,the next person who assumes this I will block.
I am not cruel I am blunt and since joining this site I have met many types of people ,a difference in opinion does not mean I dislike you ,nor does it mean I will not agree with you ten seconds later in another post about a totally different subject. Now as for a few of the other people who like to be spiteful in mail form when I state that I will not do something or do not think something is in the best interest of the subject at hand ,that does not mean to send me another mail begging me to do this thing for you no matter what it is.
Merry meet & merry part