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Name: Arrowneous
Location: Utopia
Gender: Female
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I am quite young in regards to the practice of magick and the paths of paganism, but I seek enlightenment and fulfillment in my quest of knowledge. I specialize in Chakra, Healing/Reiki, Protection, Balance, Deity work (Bastet, Nyx), Energy manipulation and occasional Tarot. PM me if you have a question, seek friendship, or if you’re in a tough spot and need someone to listen. I’ve been there, and no one else should have to be. Please don’t message me asking how to become a god, creature, or anything of the sort. Just know that before you can learn to love another, you must first learn to love yourself. Find purpose (past life regression has helped me more than anyone else could’ve) and find those who will help nurture your growth and guide you through the road of life. With the right people by your side, anything is possible. I found my family in the Rising Phoenix/Raven’s Gate and will support them every step of the way as they have supported me. Have a wonderful day, and blessed be!