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Name: Chriswolf
Birthday: Mar 17 2003
Location: Mind scape
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Whisper is awesome (it was a dare but it's true) Sorry I've been leaving so much lately I've been busy with school especially because I'm very behind right now in my lessons. If the person who was protagonist comes back to the website please send me a message I'd like to continue to talk to you hello I'm looking for someone or some people who can help me learn demonology, black magic, pyromancy, summoning, necromancy, healing, alchemy, illusions magic, and holy magic I'm in a constant state of boredom and annoyance. There's a illness in my family that makes us get angry If you know anything that could help with it please tell me If you cover your face and it sounds like your crying but then it sounds like your laughing what are you doing fake laughing and real crying, fake crying and real laughing, both are real, or both fake? Also which do you think I'm doing? I have two questions what is the difference between reality and illusions? What do you think of normality? I'm interested in your answers. i believe God doesn't really want anything good or bad to happen and he merely made us because he was bored we're more like just some kind of entertainment for it instead of children to it and it couldn't really care less about what happens to us i don't really like the old man but that doesn't mean I like the devil etheir to be honest they both annoy me little i hate the idea of being a puppet. Please remember this is just what I believe so don't try to say I'm wrong and say what you believe is right if you don't agree with me and it annoys you then ignore it