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Name: Whitewolf87
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Good day my fellow Pagan brothers and sisters who have visited my profile. Have been a Pagan for quite some time and still learning the truth and facts about being a Pagan. Back story of my life is about how "one family" that has chosen my path in the past for themselves and they taught me to follow the bible rules, and only follow "one god". But during at the time, it seems like it grew longer and more boring and I really didn't feel like this path was right for me. Out of curiosity, I began a search the true meaning of myself on my own time and terms. Reading different paths on different websites, but I came around a corner on a website and something "clicked" in me, (like a spark of some sort). Began to click on the page to learn more about it which was Paganism. It came clear that what I've read on the website is who I am suppose to be. Supprisingly enough, I told my family about it and this is what I chose for my path and not the Christian way. I knew someday that "one side of my family" will disown me (My fathers side of family). That day came, my grandparents, step-mother, even my biological father disowned me, which I was fine by it, didn't really need them in my life anyhow. So as the time goes by and I learned so much already about my path and became friends with fellow pagans, some live near me, some live afar, but we do chat at times. There is always new information about Paganism or any other religions. I am still learning and teaching people about my religion of being a Pagan, teaching that Paganism isn't evil in such. As I grew older, I began to notice few changes in my life. For example, I am became an Empath, I can feel vibes, I can tell if someone is lying, or not feeling well.. It's been a struggle with me, not knowing what I am feeling is either my feelings or someone's elses. Apparently being an Empath, runs in the family (did not know that). My attitude toward people has become more less agitated or annoyed, very honest type of person. I rarely tell lies. I enjoy being around my family especially my nephew who I can point my energy and focus on his energy only, and not everyone's else energy or vibes, he is shield for me. He is only 5 years old and I love him to death, he is my true soul mate. If you want to know more about me, just feel free to message me P.s. I am a Nature Witch only Currently engaged-soon to be married to my one true love