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Name: magicpuppy43
Location: Somewhere dark, secretive, mystical and magical
Gender: Female
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Hello. I like to be called by Eternity. It is my wolf name. I'm a werewolf, part of the North Moon. I am very creative and love dogs, just as the name Magicpuppy43 suggests. I am strong in magic and would like for you to know some things:
I am a girl.
My favorite animal are the canine and the dragon.
I have created a realm (with help from my spirit animal The Wolf) called Forever. If you want to know more on Forever, message me. I will only grant you access if you can solve a chosen riddle.
I am a werewolf.
My studies in magic include dragons, the element of water, black magic, a bit of white magic, and werewolves.
I have seen a unicorn before. They are beautiful creatures.
I am available to teach any subjects I work in, so you can message me.
Also, if anyone is willing to help me in my own studies I will really appreciate it.
I am going through a lot right now. Our pack is being divided. For more info on the North Moon, message me.
A little poem of mine:
If darkness reined, what would light do?
It wouldn't retreat.
Only fear would retreat.
If light reined, darkness would fall
Into a pit of its own darkness
But that is not right
On this North Moon night
It be balanced as wolf spirit be
Through the eyes of only him who can see
Our great alpha Leader
It is him that I speak
Because for a way out of sadness
It it him I seek.
I also want to learn about dreams, possibly being a way into the future and past.
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Studies: Currently my Magic studies have taken me to dragons. Dragons have to do with the Elements, so I'm extending part of my studies further to that. If you have any useful info on Dragons or Elemental magic, please MSG me.i'm taking notes in my studies below. If you have any questions about the notes, also MSG me.
Dragons and Elements:
Focusing on the element of Water and its dragon.