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Name: aquamarine
Location: I wonder if you still remember where we first met, it was right here- our own litltle place ,away from the world.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 21 Aug 2009
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I'm not good, neither bad. I am not a witch or maybe I am. I have a lot of power than you or maybe your powerful than me. Anything you want to know just ask me. I will tell you good, I will tell you bad. It depends on how may interact. I might get the answer nor may not. But I am who I am, and that you never know that. My name is Fay Mia Mionette Holmes I'm 17 and I love magick, I can see spirits in any form but want to develop my third eye more. Elementals This page will give you a good insight in what to envision when invoking the elementals/quarters. What I list below are personas I found during meditation, I hope they assist you in creating your sacred space. ________________________________________ air Birds flight, winds, tornado, clouds, yellow, mist, smoke, deft wings, Sylves, flights of fancy, imagination, tempest, birds of paradise, dandelions, eagles sight, white and cold, smooth, crisp air of fall, kites, bells, sword, willow, apple trees, hexagon, Seal of Solomon, sun beams, flexibility of thought, wonder, curiosity, Peregrin, birds of the hunt, Griffins, children in trees, Dryads, fire Salamanders, dragons, phoenix, serpent, passion, desire, strenght, will, destroyer, creator, warmth, evolution, red, light, comfort, emotion, dancing, crackling, flicker, lion, loyalty, love, friendship, vows, branding, the sun, the equator, poppies, rose, masculine, staff, wood, kindling, the beginning, Sun, Mars, power, war, over coming addictions water Water, blue, babbling brook, children's laughter, storms, change, healing powers, purification, cleansing streams, mermaids, King Fisher, Heron, fish, dolphins, whales' song, dark secrets, pearls, coral, sand dollars, divers, seas of the deep, Undines swimming in the rivulets of a creek, water swirls, blue and green, the colors of our world, mirror to the sky, solace to the soul, ice and spray, the end of the day earth Gnomes, trees, dirt, Morning Dove, Wren, Sparrow, primitive, ancient, Oak, dagger, home, hearth, human, body, instinct, animals, bear, badger, mole, Holder of Secrets, the earth reveals in her own time, Mother to us all, apples in the fall, all water flows to the heart of the earth, Elves, cats purring, heart beat, pulsing, drying leaves, an infant, new beginnings, wisdom invocations East Birds flight, deft wings, Eagles' sight, a brisk breeze. Sylvan girls in the trees wave the branches to and fro Tempest wail, bell sings, Mists sail, imagination brings. The Sword invokes, East we see. The gate is open. Blessed be! South Spark goes, fire ignites, Dancing rose in the brilliant light Salamanders draw near, Warmth and passion find here. The will of a dragon, Vows of a lion, A Phoenix soars, hearts heard sighing. The Staff invokes, South we see. The gate is open. Blessed be! West Children's laughter, babbling brook, Herons cry, Mermaids look Undines swimming, waters swirl, Blues and greens color our world. Mirror to the sky, ice and spray, Solace to the soul, an end to the day. Storms and change, healing power, Cleansing stream, secret hour. The Wand invokes, West we see. The gate is open. Blessed Be! North Morning Dove sings it's sad song, The Ancient Oak sings along. Holder of Secrets, in time will reveal, Mother to us all, now silent still. All water flows to the heart of the Earth. Brown sparrow, hearth and home, Cat's purr, silent gnome. The Dagger invokes, the North we see. The gate is open. Blessed Be! Another version I use: East O mighty Sylves, Guardians of the East and Powers of Air In the name of the Old Ones do I call forth thy presence and thy magick The Gate of the East is Open I bid you Hail and Welcome! South O mighty Salamanders, Guardians of the South and Powers of Fire In the name of the Old Ones do I call forth thy presence and thy magick The Gate of the South is Open I bid you Hail and Welcome! West O mighty Undines, Guardians of the West and Powers of Water In the name of the Old Ones do I call forth thy presence and thy magick The Gate of the West is Open I bid you Hail and Welcome! North O mighty Gnomes, Guardians of the North and Powers of Earth In the name of the Old Ones do I call forth thy presence and thy magick The Gate of the North is Open I bid you Hail and Welcome! This is just some information about Elementals...my research might not fit what you would use. But if you open yourself to their messages, they will guide your mind to their true face.