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Name: Emerald07
Location: UK
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 20 Jan 2019
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I have been practicing for a long time. I am an empath and I work mostly with herbalism and nature; what some would call a fireside practitioner. My interests are varied and eclectic and include herbs, runes, tarot, palmistry, crystals, pendulum, elemental and candle magic. I have practiced hoodoo for many years. Recently I have learned to read the akashic records after many years communicating with my spirit guides. There are various others that I may add later.
Sadly, I have been forced to write the following:
1. I am not interested in dating anyone from this site. Please do not send romantic, sexual or suggestive messages. I will not telephone, email, send photographs nor give my social media contact information to anyone. You will be blocked with immediate effect.
2. Please do not force your religious beliefs or teachings on me. Such behaviour will not be tolerated.
3. I will not cast spells or carry out readings for site members. I work alone; I do not teach nor mentor. I cannot assist your transformation into a character of fantasy or help create an alternate universe. Such things are not real.
4. If you are feeling suicidal, I am very sorry for your suffering but please contact the relevant medical professional and not members of this site.
5. Please always be respectful with your language towards every member of this site, myself included. I will not accept threats of any kind.
6. I will not be manipulated nor intimidated.
Otherwise, I am friendly and easy to get along with. I do not mind chatting with site members who respect these simple measures.
Thank you.