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About Love spells Many of us suffer from unrequited love, I wanted to bind the person to be with him forever. You can try on their own, to make love, his eyes assumed a, to show themselves in a good light, but you can use the method of his grandmother's love spell. What is it? That is what we will look at in this article. What is a love spell Under the spell means any action aimed at having to wake himself attracted to another man, who does not feel the special feelings. There is a division in the spell (holding yourself with objects) and a conspiracy of love (attraction to her by certain verbal formulas), but most of all call spell, it will not fail. Magic is divided into black and white on the principle of the people. For all the good - white, for all the bad - black, spell a little differently. White spell causes attraction in humans, when a person wants someone who bewitches. For example, a white spell is often used to strengthen his wife a little cranky relationship. And often, you can make sure that people not only sexually attracted to someone who bewitches, but just wanted to be with him, to communicate, to engage in a common cause. A black spell affects a person's will, when a person becomes a rag, a victim, a puppet in the hands of the puppeteer. White spell may come back to haunt you in your problems as the body, and can go through without a trace in this life, and this is how it depends on who is doing. Black also spell big problems will result. It is also the fact that when a white spell, if you happen to lose one's attraction and people you do not want to be with him, one day he will leave you alone, which is rare in the black. One type of black love spell - love spell to death. Made magician with skill can not be removed. Love spell, but is it necessary? We are inherently selfish. And because of that we need to a loved one was around, and we're going to do a love spell. Do it or not spell, it's up to you. Can be content with ordinary tricks that could very well save the day. All those who do love spell, talk about what he is good. But it may be worth considering. Just think, yes, that you love, and you do not like. Love spell will make you even love for that person. But then the spell will not last forever. Standard spell effect from three months to one year and must be renewed. In addition, sexual desire takes an average of three years, and then what? You are the person will no longer interesting. It may make sense to find someone with whom you have common interests. Ie such person with whom communication is mutually interesting that in old age will you support, support your spouse. Whom to trust to do a love spell? Some artists can do so, in principle, nothing wrong and will not be. They just artificially recreate the process that we usually do "naturally" when courting, and try to please others, but to find such a master, you need to understand what it does, it needs to know how it works. Ask general technique. Really working magician may not be talking in detail about the love judgment, they used to carry out your wishes. But, at least, the principles on which he based his work has to tell. For example, a mage can affect the human energy centers (chakras), due to which it wishes to manipulate. Ie he will try to make sure that there was a mutual harmony of the senses. Best of all, if the mage does not use such a radical approach, when a person who has to be in love, after love sentence simply can not live without you, the customer of this sacrament. Full binding unacceptable. This is one of those approaches that MirSovetov thinks is right. To work well, you need to at least learn something. Slander on headscarves or cane does not require any special knowledge, but work with the chakras is indicative of some positive experiences. Just what the magician does not use such restrictions as "without you neither live nor is" and others suggests that it can be addressed. Those who refused to describe the technique of even so, can not understand it themselves. The danger is in the fact that the magician can make love spell so that he will in fact sin. Everything in this life, you have to pay, and the witch would never do such a way that it was bad. It is in any case write off all the responsibility on you, they can. Say you want the responsibility for the death of a person if the witch charmed to death? I think not. So if your object of adoration has decided to leave to another, do not throw in the pool with his head. Think about why because of temporary insanity life disentangle porridge, which is brewed yourself? The best witch in this case it may be even a village grandmother who does not take money for their work. So usually pay products. But if you help, it really repay, as expected, do not spare money for food, overpayments for help never hurts, and my grandmother did not take itself too much. How to make yourself love spell If suddenly you have not found a decent magician who could help you, you have two choices: either to go to learn and understand the workings of, or take the methods used by the ancient times. Although I still advise to find a master.