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Well hello everyone, My name is kathie and I have been a Witch for 30+ yrs. I have been practicing my craft alone and I now joined this wonderful site and try to help as much as I can with my experience. I don't claim to know everything because I don't, so I to am willing to learn new things. My Grandmother always told "You should never claim you know everything because you will always be learning" and she was right. I have a book that every young Witch should read, Hereditary Witches if you think you are alone it will make you think. My craft goes far far back in my family and I never knew it. I have the mark to prove it. Read it you'll see what I mean. Over the past few months I learned a value in life, it can be taken from you at anytime. MySister just past and I will try my hardest to contact her and show her how much she is missed, but without her I would not be where I am in my life today. Thanks to her everyone knows who and what I am about, Thnk Bren Well Blessed Be to all.